SMASH..or..PASS ..???

Majibu Fupi Fupi … :D:D

You have interesting taste. USA and overweight women. All the best.
I prefer the finer things in life.

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Ye are both idle and mad. A doctor should be thinking about finding a cure for serious diseases, like cancer, not this.

Ridiculous comment. Doctors don’t find cures. Researchers do. What next, Pilots should invent the fastest plane?

I wouldn’t know, you tell us

Huyo ni OmangA?


Fcuk opinions…

assmio fuckheads are still not healed from the loss!

Mind about your own head.

Soft, gigantic round ass without definition.

Fat,obese woman…Siwes tomba ata bure

I am inclined to agree fully …

I provide Quality , Holistic , Health Solutions, Care and Advice to my Patients …

In the process, I work closely with Researchers by exchanging observations and data on treatments …

But just like everyone else …
What I do with my spare time is entirely my business … :D:D

Different Strokes for Different Folks …

Would you defend the LGBT+ crowd in here with the same vigour …??? :D:D

Nakula nikiwa mlevi kwa giza

Pass. Sitaki :D:D

Smash, smash, smaaaaaash…like the hatchet wielding hitch-hiker