Smart phones and kenyans (new slavery)

How many phones have you bought for the past 5 years ?

If m not wrong ave bought over 20, price margin 1500/= to 15k …

So roughly that’s roughly kshs 100k spent on useless gadgets … Have just checked n realised I have a faulty itel smartphone, another faulty Tecno F1, n the one m using a Tecno pop air ilipasuka screen juzi…is this addiction or what …kujaribu zaidi I have a laptop n desktop zenye huwa zimekaa tu hapo n m like wat in the hell is all this …

Whenever u go to Nairobi , billboards are all over , Tecno , oppo, Galaxy, etc … How safe are we with this gadgets … What are they ? Are we been monitored n controlled remotely …is our data even safe ?

An avarage Soth Korean teenager changes phones every three months. Tafakari hayo.

Shit… fuck

Mind your language…kaka mbweha

Well South Korea manufactures phones and phone components so the money keeps his parents employed. On the other hand, we lose forex with minimal job creation

You have the likes of Tecno and you are complaining??? This is more of carelessness or buying shit in the black market. But quality stuff and it shall serve you for so long.

I have lost a phone only once. I usually retain my phones until I feel the need to upgrade or change.

I use phones 2/3 years. My current phone was bought in March 2019 and I dont see myself buying another one anytime soon.

Phones are a necessity. If you loose one, you must buy another one if you have the means to make your life smooth.

you buy shitty phones then you complain, buy quality stuff that can last you 5+ years.

I’m on my 3rd smartphone since i started using them in 2012 na mimi hunua those so called shitty infinix phones

I am still using a Samsung Galaxy S7 that I bought in January 2016. Ni covers tu nimebadilisha like 3 times. Last time I went to tao looking for the phone cover I really struggled because they only stock latest phone model accessories.

Mtu ametumia 20 phones in 5 years ni yeye yuko na mashida zake sio quality ya hizo phones.

@MachaaWaHadithi achana tu na simu. Use smoke signals and drums instead. Mtu akitaka gas, awashe kuni, moshi ikuambia kule ako. Wewe upige drum ndio ajue unampelekea gas

Phones advancement seems to be exponential but app development is linear. Most of the apps I am using with my 2021 gadget were working well with my 2005 Symbian phones. There is very little point in buying a new phone every year. Buy a good flagship phone, case it, and it will last 5 yrs.