Smart panjeets...

Why can’t we do this?

We would be making billions every month by just being a middle man like the smart panjeets.


Russia accounts for at least 10% of global energy output. If these stupid european cunts had the means to do away with Russian energy imports, they would have done it years ago. They’ll never escape Mother Russia’s influence in this sector. They’re just thumping their chests but beginning 2024 you’ll see them trooping to Moscow one by one to negotiate “favourable” energy deals for their countries.

Because we are low IQ bonobos with victim mentality and don’t have non negotiable national security interests

What did WSR say about our energy crisis and the Turkana oil @Kalenjin101?

Europe is just a resource starved continent.

Europe has enough gas deposit, coal and oil, they just preserving their environment.

Who is smarter than young duck billed platypus called Clichy uwesmakende @uwesmake ,she invented a serious kimilili syphilis at age if 19 following her father uwesMAO footsteps to the letter

It would be a good plan. Russia ilete mafuta then we resell to it’s “enemies”.

Most of that energy is in countries like Russia, Norway and other countries that give the middle finger to the EU.