Smart IPTV app.. How can I install it on my TV?

Currently at a friend’s house. He got wifi and has installed Smart IPTV on his TV. It has many channels. He is watching all for free. I have pleaded with him anachanue how to go about it but anauliza Pesa Kwanza ati ni top secret… So guys who are wajanja how can I go about it

Watching Westham v Tottenham. Crystal clear no buffering via Smart IPTV

Google kitu inaitwa IPTV playlist. Hiyo playlist basically ni links to different tv channels. Inakuja na format ya .m3u. SmartIPTVni app inawekwa mwaks (m3u file) Hiyo mwaks utaweza ipata kwa net. Shida ni ati hizo links hazikaangi active for long so you have to keep downloading new playlists every other day. The upside is that you get to watch high quality stuff

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nunua smart TV you CAN’T install smartness on a dumb TV. BRAARI NUGU!!


I have been there done that. As in adding the links and m3u files which are temporary as u said. Lakini ya huyu Jamaa always stays there… We were watching ice age 5 before banaa. I have being asking him anachanue but he says Pesa Kwanza

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His playlist must have many channels so he keeps switching to bamboozle you. Usitoboke kakitu.

mobdro is much better application, has more channels better reception and does not require links. You just need to cast it on your smart TV.

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Hii kitu huwork kwa smart tv za samsung na LG and their android counterparts. App itself is paid (€5 last time I checked.)

Kama una android tv weka Kodi/TVMC/SPMC na uwache kusumbuka.


@Luther12 hebu leta ile post uliweka about iptv

If I can dig it up nitaiweka.


Hii ikona 144p quality