Smart Hustle : Packaged Pro-Hoeing

People are getting creative out there eeh ? Some create IG accounts and add an external link in the bio to onlyfans :D, Others add a “Bookings” Email account and add a visually loud disclaimer : "CONTACT FOR BOOKINGS AND SERIOUS BUSINESS ONLY ". But this technique is too basic now. Calls for creativity and smartness to hoe. Some one needs to up the ante. I am thinking of starting a hoeing apprenticeship course. “How to maximize income from hoeing using tech”.

  • For those who sell only videos,
  • For those who sell videos + accessories (Kama used Ngothas) :D:D
  • For those who have an “Office” for “inquiries” and “services”
  • For Freelancers who accept invites across the borders for a few days.

Just like them Middle Eastern Kawalla Maids job Training regimen, the training shall include among others

  • Website Content Management
  • Basic Video Editing Skills
  • E commerce skills
  • Mail configuration and management
  • Video conferencing using skype and all that sh*t used to send “exclusive content”.
  • Travel Document processing,
  • Cross-Cultural intelligence.
  • Basic Etiquette

Of course we will have a Laboratory to test preparedness of Pro-hoes

Besides traditional Ugandan Ssenga sessions, I can also invite such Industry Gurus as below to be guest speakers.
Man-hoes wajipange, siko hapa kuwafikiriria. Maybe if I get a female business partner she will bring in a productive perspective on how their services can be optimized.

Damn, Naona nikinunua Acre Loresho