Smart Geopolitical analyst needed

What should Israel do to Gaza? Gaza is the home base for Hamas and its blockaded by both Israel and Egypt.
What should Israel or world do with it? If they open the doors, the terrorist will swarm over their country and become non manageable, if they open the airspace and sea routes then Hamas and other terror get chance to import weapons and all ammunition to terrorize Israel. Continuing with blockading it will also be unsustainable. Reoccupying it again becomes expensive and is considered colonialism.
How should Israel or world deal with this?

2 state solution is the only solution to this mess.


2 State solution only if the Palestinians can form a cohesive & functioning government, and thus far they have failed miserably at state building, this is the core problem, they can’t be trusted let alone trust themselves to build a state.


I think they should plough each other without outside interference mwenye anabaki abaki . But as long as Jewish swines and the uncircumcised Philistines keep wasting oxygen this world won’t be at peace , Jews ,Arabs and Chinese slit eyed dogs should be furmigated for a peaceful globe

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I doubt, it’s meddling by Israel in their domestic politics and also infighting for the funds used to run the various armed groups. Remember when they had elections and when it was apparent the political wing of one of the armed groups (hamas if I think) was headed for victory, Israel and it’s partners brought drama and instead installed some very old mzee who is a moderate.

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We are all experts.


I think Israel should push on with the Abraham accords with as many countries as possible.(hoping they are well drafted to cater for any eventuality)

Hunt down Muslim brotherhood wings fueling Hamas both within and outside Gaza.

By using any means necessary, effectively bring Gaza under Israeli rule.

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As long as Gaza is not harboring Hamas , Israel has no interest in what is going on there

So …
Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority need to get off their Ass , go back into Gaza and restore Order and Democracy…

They get Billions in UN / EU Aid and Donations from Qatar and the SAUDI’s …
Enough to completly transform Gaza …

They should look across the water at Cyprus
Years of War between Greece and Turkey …
Followed by an agreement and then Peace …

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