Smart Defence

I am passionate about Smart , Compact , Efficient and Affordabe Weapons and Allied technology …

Our Armed Forces are knee deep in junk systems and mediocre weaponry that do not serve the purpose …
I will be highlighting a few examples here …

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The LAGE MAX11 9mm SMG.

This is a family of simple , affordable , easy to assemble SMGs that would replace Pistols and current old technology 9mm SMGs.


NORINCO LG4 revolver grenade launcher.


Caliber: 40 mm (40×46 LV)
Length: 726 mm
Weight: 5.8 kg
Maximum effective range: 400 meters
Capacity: 6 rounds

NORINCO LG4 grenade launcher is a hand-held weapon intended for use against enemy manpower, light vehicles and structures.
It is intended for export sales and can fire most types of NATO-standard 40mm low velocity (40x46mm LV) grenade rounds.
Unlike most others revolver grenade launchers, LG4 employs gas operated mechanism to rotate the cylinder after each shot.
It also features auto-indexing mechanism that aligns the firing chamber of the cylinder with the bore of the barrel before each shot.
Trigger is of double action only type. Launcher is of break-open type, with latch on the top and rotating axis for the frame in front of the trigger guard.
For reloading, top of the frame with cylinder and barrel is tipped forward and down, exposing rear of the 6-shot cylinder and automatically ejecting spent cartridge cases.
Fresh rounds are loaded one by one into empty chambers, and the gun is closed.
Standard fit includes forward grip and a skeletonized side-folding shoulder stock.
LG4 grenade launcher is equipped with ladder-type folding iron sights, and also can be equipped with red-dot sight installed on a special range-adjustable mount atop the integral Picatinny rail.