Smart Chain Tokens and NFT's

Hey, anyone wishing to make an Ethereum Chain Token or Binance Smart chain Token Inbox. I can code for
TOKENS with admin Rights, Owner | Burnable functions | Mint Functions | Blacklist functions all within the code with instructions
.Applicable for all Wallets that Supports ERC-20 , BSC,…Metamask Trust, etc
PRICE will depend on the Number of tokens you want on initial MINT…
Can also Help in adding Liquidity if you so wish to have your tokens on DEX | Swaps.
+254 Kenya…

Token yenye tunajua ni ya stima, hii labda uweke thermal images tuelewe

Tokens za stima actually is avery good example how to visualize this.

TOKEN tied to Elec price… If you create your own token Lets say token ya maji…and you own 10,000,000 token… you can distribute those token that are tied to water price…then anyone with the bought token can utilize that token by exchanging it for water…(Smart Contract)

Now using that same concept…See how it will work for tokens in finance that can be coded for investments and loans and yield generators…Decentrailized, with no governing body… you can exchange lets say water tokens for electricity tokens directy if you have too much water this month…or sell intenet tokens for elecricity tokens directly… you understand the power now?

Token names: STIMA , MAJI, NETI

I have 100 STIMA tokens, 45 MAJI tokens, 20 NETI tokens
I want more NETI tokens… i dont have to buy with pesa… If i have excess STIMA tokens, i just trade 20 STIMA tokens for lets say 40 NETI tokens
Now i have internet that i bought with another asset i own…maybe later I hear someone has MAFUTA tokens…i can swap MAJI token for that…and prices are pegged to real world currency…So advantages is you can bypass all fees and hustle … FREE EXCHANGE of SERVICES… Decentralized

@Madocho how much is a used antminer?

Si utengeneze zako

Not worth it

Better off finding a coin that is low now, buy few hundred and pray its one that goes up inshallah

Hello. Well, actually it’s not that difficult. I’ve been coding everything for a long time. I had an nft, but now I decided that I need to transfer it to the blockchain. I think it will be much more convenient for me this way. Moreover, I found a good launchpad with a competent approach to my business, so I think that everything will work out.

Crypto Iko chini hakuna investor anataka Hizi ujinga saahii… Ngoja Bitcoin ijiredeam watu wakue na interest. Otherwise watu wameumia…

na hii project ya TRON mining ni aje, i have almost 20,000USD worth of trx, but withdrawing ndio sijui kunaendangaje

Hey, appreciate the offer, but I’m all good on creating tokens for now. Just a heads up, though, if you’re looking to delve into the world of crypto projects, it’s essential to be cautious. There are plenty of scams out there, so always do your due diligence before jumping in.
As for tracking token movements, have you checked out It’s a handy tool for keeping tabs on Solana’s trading volume, which can give you insights into market trends. Plus, it’s always cool to stay in the loop with what’s happening in the crypto space.