Smallword club in operation

Kama kawa am here as a certified pussy zologist to confirm to you that smallword waters is in operation by the way it opens it’s doors a month a go. On weekend they open from 2pm to 7pm and on week days they open from 4pm to 7pm. I took my time and passed by all the strip clubs and I can confirm to all of you with a lot of confidence that; Lidos,Gabeez,Bavon and V-one are all closed. Now VIP is 100 down from 200 and VVIP is 200 down from 300

Kwani ni chokoraa hustrip. 200/? :oops::rolleyes:

VVIP 200 :D:D

Joke of the day that one. I wonder regular kuko vipi…ama unalipwa

Mastermwenyewe ni ghasia takataka tuu

Nakumbuka ule villager alipakwa mavi apo nacheka tu, ama ilikuwa wewe?

Vip bi strip joint c drinking den?

Small world ni strip club?

Ilikuwanga base ya @uwesmake Manamba wa KenyaMpya Bus Stage Kabla Sonkoree awaondoe hapo Munyu Road.

Liddos is very much open! Even past 7PM.

That is very good reconnaissance, we should give you a job.

wrong liddos,operate mpaka morning,go there this friday and you shall tell me,shida ni red bull mbili ni thao,

Asante for your service

The problem with lidos is that they have a lot of restrictions


What restrictions, for example?