Smalling Quits


Sikuizi hukuli breakfast.

Still there, same thing everyday,


ohh…uliandikwa permah?

My proffesion isn’t in hospitality elder.

The Roma logo is demonic. Kids wananyonya matiti ya humbwer…

Roma is a mediocre team just like man united.

teach yourself some history/folklore wa-turedio. Why is Rome (Roma) called so?)

Man united was wasting his talent

Induction iliisha. Saa hii ako busy na job

The Roma logo consists of two parts: the Capitolian wolf is depicted in the upper part, and the ASR logo (Associazione Sportiva Roma – Roma Sports Association) is on the bottom. Capitol wolf is one of the main signs of the Eternal City. According to the legend, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were brought up by a wolf, which became the sacred animal of the city.

Same way Arsechieth are wasting Mustafi.