Small talented boy narrates a very touching poem at Panyaste Project Fame

Judges : small boy please introduce yrself and tell us why u are here.
Okay my names are Clichy Wafula Lichoti. I am here to perform a poem.

JUDGES: okay the floor is yours…please go ahead.

CLICHY: thank you.

When I wake up in the morning
I feel like am mourning

Why u may ask?
I will tell u when the sun basks.

The problem is my father
Should I go any further?

His name is Lichoti
But in my eyes he is a njoti

He is daily drunkard
Many see him as a bastard

He is also a homo sexual
That is his ritual

Every time I see him
I feel bad am on his team

Thank u
small boy gets standing ovation from the judges and fans

Wawawa out of nowhere the dad tokelezea… kumbe he was around.

LICHOTI: wewe mtoto mtukutu. Unakuja kuniaibisha mbele ya umati.

Lichoti goes and slaps the small boy.

JUDGE PANYASTE: bouncers can u please deal with this ghasia intruder.

Manze kumbe one of the bouncers was Prince Oga…he tells the other bouncers …" please don’t bother yrselves, I will scatter him by my own.

Manze shikaz Lichoti and chapa mseh ma RKO hapo hapo kwa stage… blows and punches plus slaps. Then the final part banaa
Hapo hapo kwa stage he chunishad Lichoti skuma banae… the crowd and judges were shocked bana. But all Oga could be heard saying was uhhhhh ahhhh sweet like the meat of a rabbit.

Finally he released Lichoti…

Lichoti vile alitoka mbio
Never to be seen ever again.

Your creativity on issues ya kuchunisha sukuma is on another level

Hiyo kuchunisha skuma was unexpected today. Ilikuwa Kama plot twist ya movie :D:D

Yeah wasn’t expected

Any of OP works without collards is an abomination. Its the trade mark. If there is no kuchuna,there is no OP!

Maze umeharibu juu ya kuleta tu mambo ya spinach. Otherwise plot ilikuwa saffi



Lichoti utajitetea ukiwa wapi

Hiyo flow joh!
My name is lichoti
But in my eyes he is njoti
Panyaste legend:D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D haha @Panyaste★ unachizi bro.