Small scale business ventures

I got kshs 100000 and looking forward to starting a profitable business on a rural area. Does anyone have any good idea? Lets share

Anza kufuga nguruwe

Fungua duka ya agrovet.

Hizo zero ni kidogo. Hii labda ukomboe room ugawe into five or six smaller rooms complete with narrow raised beds, then get girls to work as massage therapists cum malaya, sit back and watch yourself make at least 5k a day tax free…

Why does everyone think starting a business and making it a successful venture is easy? Here are some fun facts for you… 50% of businesses close within the first year and a further 95% close within 5 years of operations. Kijana find what you are good in, innovate, persevere and maybe just maybe…you will succeed in business. Good luck!!!


Btw iyo massage parlour inaweza make…uliza @GeorginaMakena tips on how to start

Gas cylinder refills.

mini bakery

hiyo avatar yako??

That doesn’t stop thousands of other businesses being set up and flourishing.

Did you even get my point?

How did you conclude the guy is lazy or looking for easy business from his question?

Never mind SV

Weka Bata mushinga (Turkeys). These you can rear at shags then tafuta market in big hotels.