small pub setup

wadau I want to migrate my wines en spirit to a small pub set up somewhere in upcoming centre nauliza where can I get a good music system for the pub en the cost

umetafuta wapi ukakosa?

Haram business

Muslim fake wacha tunukishe kitunguu

nipe mashimo niingie nitafute vs

That is not how I saw that question ending… It’s weird how people frame their questions here: “I have just converted my sportbike into a cruiser, where do you think I can get a good biogas stove so I can cook some food after long rides?”

so in simple words I want to set up a small pub which type of music system do I go for I.e speaker’s amplifiers radio etc where can I get them at a fair price

Have you consulted NEMA and what are the allowable noise levels in the area?

hebu ongea na mtu wa tu-redio @Electronics4u

license ya naorganise hiyo mtaa haina Noma according to my survey

Poor man’s business

capital en Passion ndio zinaongea hapa bado sijakua birrionea but I ave vision a man got do what to do to survive


What is a rich mans business? Example?

Sema muislamu kobe

Kwa Ngoma for now 70-100k hivi…unajua mashimo

Muislamu mla nguruwe

It seems you wont be needing the services of a DJ so cut out the expenses of a mixer, head gear and a mic, that leaves you with expenses of speakers, amplifier and CD/DVD player. For backstreet products talk to Kiki Electronics 0722244784 uone kama mtasikizana hiyo budget.

wazi mkubwa wacha ntawaongelesha


Kiki=Willy Matadi