Small Muslim ISIS boy executes a Man & Ramadhan haijaisha

Religion of peace they say hmmmm. Anapereka a fully grown man (umri ya babake)kichinjio kama mbuzi and yells allah akbar b4 shooting him not once, not twice but multiple link after pix… Ni nini hawa watu wanafunza hawa watoi aki…brain washed fakas
Video link----> WARNING GRAPHIC : Duration 00.59 seconds

but he will get sweet nyam nyams when his creator summons him eventually… i think

“If you require the threat of hell or the promise of heaven to act humane or do good, then deep down you are not a good person” ~ anonymous


Sema pass tuu na years to come huyu mtoi atakuwa terrorist wakuji lipua

Pass too

He simply following holly scriptures. God is great

funny how the older terrorist covers his face but mtoi wanamuonyesha mzima mzima

CSI watuoneshe the exact time and date the video was shot.

Link not working

very comfortable western shoes!

wanajua CIA na wenzao hawatatuma drones kumaliza mtoi

That’s some deep, deep stuff.