Small boys be simping

Halafu Bado after all that atakuacha tu

Hizi ni kazi ya babake … Focus on yourself boy child! [ATTACH=full]370587[/ATTACH]

hehe…ile mchujo inangoja hyu msee, ataacha kusikiza wakina boyzone na boyz II 2 men tumkaribishe huku kwetu kwa hans zimmer na thomas bergerseen

That peasant is a fool.for married couples just make sure that the first ten years of marriage you have three to four children in quick succession…huyo aziguoba hataenda popote na ataimba wimbo yako.

:D:D:D:D Leader, is that how you tamed your lovely Madut?


Geez :D:D

Clearly none of you matapakas has any kids…i will leave this here
Tafakari hayo


…Hii kijiji majority have no kids…bado wana hustle kum*
There are somethings they cannot understand. Some are yet to recover after simping na kuachwa…Ile machungu they harbour inside towards girl child wacha Tu…

How did you youngins grow into such weak, insecure and dumb shits. It’s in your best interest to empower your wife! What if you drop dead today and you have an inept wife who can’t do anything for for self? What will become of your progeny? The good news is, you’re too stupid to get sensible women to marry you.

They are young, inexperienced, broke, and bitter boys who know nothing about life yet.

Wachanga kusema ukweli kila saa. Sasa unaona mtu bladifwakin @chap hatakaribia ii thread juu ushamchapa RKO already bila kumtaja


Obviously bwana sponsor…we have four children .after finishing the initial child bearing and naming the kids after my parents , chairman garang and maduts mum,I have continuously upgraded her… socially, economically and otherwise…I usually take her out where I am not well known…being a Dinka queen…she loves nyam chom…so I usually take her sampling at enkare,fogo gaucho etc…accompanied by her favorite wines and my usual Guinness.

Vile @Young Sponsor amesema,oa bibi jinga,kufa,watoto yako,wajukuu na vitukuu yote jinga in later life ,all because of dim witted mentality.

Oya ni Monday, usianze kufanya ujinga mapema

My friend, once something you’re insecure about happens, it stops being insecurity and becomes a fact. Its a fact that once you educate a woman, you open her eyes to a higher class of men, especially her classmates.

You either get an educated woman from the beginning or get an uneducated one and maintain her level of uneducatedness. Very very rarely do you elevate a woman and she remains on your level.

Juu you sound gaaay, I guess none applies to you. Substitute “woman” with “man” and you’ll get my drift.

Theres a difference between wife and girlfriend.

So you’re admitting that you’re a lower-class man hehehe. Good

The problem isn’t being a lower class male, its being content with being one. At the moment, wether I admit it or not, I am very much a lower-class man but I can assure you I’m working towards being a higher-class one.

You should come out and admit that you are one too. It’s a great feeling, I assure you. It helps you work towards being a better man, than lying to yourself that you are of a higher class and not working to improve yourself.

Its on the foundation of failure that success is built.