Slowly by slowly I'll get rid of any Ching Chong product I own

Exclusive: Warning Over Chinese Mobile Giant Xiaomi Recording Millions Of People’s ‘Private’ Web And Phone Use[/SIZE]

“It’s a backdoor with phone functionality,” quips Gabi Cirlig about his new Xiaomi phone. He’s only half joking.
Cirlig is speaking with Forbes after discovering that his Redmi Note 8 smartphone was watching much of what he was doing on the phone. That data was then being sent to remote servers hosted by another Chinese tech giant, Alibaba, that were ostensibly rented by Xiaomi.

You better learn how to light up fires fast because Uncle Sam does the same.

Si ununue mlika mwizi

Conspiracy theory

I can trust them with shit its been a decade using google, but there is no telling what the blind motherfuckers could do next.

Inspector @Tom Bayeye ako njiani na conspiracy theory.


:D:D:D una ufala sana patco

hata ngotha yako ya china utadispose ?

Iyo nitakudonatia unusange

hauwezi kaa bila kitu ya china MEFFI WEWE

How now? From Itel to Iphone? How will you beat that?

Xiaomi makes great phones at affordable prices so ditching them is not really a good idea for folks who want to get the best bang for their buck. You can flash a custom ROM such as LineageOS and be done with Xiaomi’s sofware if you have any privacy concerns with their system.

Someone can always listen in on your phone calls …if it isn’t the Chinese it will be the NSA or some other initialled organisation
Only question is will it be worth their while?
If you have privacy concerns don’t have conversations on or near any phones

Not to sound ignorant but Mimi hushindwa so what if they spy on your browsing history is not like they can do anything about it …wataona tu porn waone messages which they can’t decode na mpesa balance which they can’t access …what’s all the fuss about?

It’s true guy I have a xiaomi redmi note 5. Whenever I open a game it directs me to Alibaba. Kama data iko on. I think ni kama spamming.

Itel ni wewe ulinunulia ama akili imejaa githeri?

I just have a newfound hatred for Chinese

To a large extent hii inakuwaga myth. There’s no govt. with that capability. You would need to hire millions of workers to sift through all the worthless garbage that is said on a phone.

You would need trillions of dollars to pay them. And in reality all government offices on earth are usually very useless and disorganised. They lose files, computers don’t work. You might find the mighty CIA using computers from the 1990s. Ama wakubwa wanakataa kununua mkiharibu.

Some of the older staff don’t even know how to use computers. Even in the NSA you will find very ancient technology. What they do is they rely on algorithms. They have mathematicians who design code such that when the massive data collected passes through a super computer the code scans for certain key words e.g bomb, nuclear, fission etc.

Most times ni false flags. So what do they do?

They still rely on the old techniques of spying. If they suspect you then they’ll set their spies on you or bug your home. It will be a while before humans are entirely removed from certain roles. The human brain is still more advanced than super computers.

Hapa nayo umetuchocha; those fellows have the lastest tech. You should talk about developing nations such as Kenya. CIA have a strict budget that sort them everything out, hawafanyi kazi kimalamala kama bonobos.

That gif is a killer,tumecheka na fellow villager…keep that for me
Vipi tyrone,naona leo umepata likes za kutosha,keep up your good work. Though i dont see the correlation for me to speculate with a conspiracy. But good job sport