Slow Sunday. Wa Wa WaWa Wa Wa Wa Wa WaWa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa!

[li]Just watch the effed shit these hoes put us through, aki![/li][/ul]

You still testing positive for ukedi ama mambo ilibadilika?

And another Youtube clip of a real African in America. Kuzaa kama paka halafu anasema “Somebody needs to pay for aaaaaaaaaallllllllllll my children”.

Sounds familia?

Guka uliacha kuenda live leak kuona video za watu wakihara kwa streets? :smiley:


Are you trying to stave of your own suicidal tendencies by surfing the web for misery that exceeds your own?

[SIZE=6]Guka is Down! Old Man is Down!
[SIZE=4]Actually, I just watched that DNA shit, and it is disgusting how the lives of Negroes have become entertainment of the masses.[/SIZE]

That is fucked up!!!

guka unajua wewe na umbwa yako hamues kukunywa white cup tena saa hizi vile ume kua introduced to ARVs!

No single life in that show was left intact.

The mother was exposed as a chronic adulterer and liar of epic proportions, the children lost their daddy, the man lost his trust in his wife, and even the dead who cannot explain anything got blamed for some stuff. Even if these guys are paid $500 for that appearance, the scars on them will take a long time to heal.

The father is the biggest loser can you imagine him @ his age finding out that he is childless… such situations turn good people into killers. it high time Kenya as a country makes DNA accessible to everyone.

@Randy, are you sure that would be a good thing?

Not necessarily, but this things have a way of coming out when you list expect them to come out…

Imagine Msee ameandika will, akaachia kijana maploti, mashamba, accounts. Anaenda ananutua kit kwa chemist just for fun, halafu anagundua kijana wa kukamua ng’ombe 1976 ndiye alidunga bibi mimba.

The USA fools will do anything for 10 minutes on TV. That’s how people like Jerry Springer, Phil Donahue, Geraldo Rivera and many others made their fortunes.

Paging @MaryJane with her feminazi batallion @M2Random with his antithesis. Kamini kiasi… :D:D:D

Y’all 2cents yahitajika hapa. …:D:D:D @Father Figure your wisdom would be much appreciated.

niaje mjamaa, uko trumpistan ama uthamakistan?


World citizen boss. August mtaani kupigia nani…[SIZE=1]ama wacha tu :D[/SIZE]

[ATTACH=full]96141[/ATTACH] :D:D:D:Da smart hoe angerusha those grown mo-fos out the door venye walifika 18

The easiest route to WWIII would be carrying out DNA tests for all families in the whole wide world. Kuna watu watadungwa visu several times over even after they’re confirmed dead clinically.