Slow Friday TbT

[S]#[/S][B]tbt[/B]: There was a time when a wave of optimism swept through this country. A time when hope was a song in everyone’s hearts. Remember that? Were you around then? Were you there when it felt like we could do anything?

Those 10 years felt like 2 days…

And these ones feel like 40yrs in the desert already.

My western relatives used to call him Shivachi

Na bado, mtajua hamjui. By the time uyo untried na untested anatoka hapo. Ama wacha tu

Hii umeweza, kuna a friend I told ata 1 year haijaisha since Oct 26 yet inakaa as if we have been in this mess for so long. Its mind blowing to imagine another 4 years is waiting for us.
Plus for your information election date 2022 will be December 3rd. So kuna 4 years na 3 months to go. Jesus is Lord

whining everywhere

The feeling was ecstatic!
Just wish Kivaki had honoured that MOU.
Tungekuwa mbali sana.

I remember paying fare for a dim eye in the early days of 2003, sahii nijikute.
There was no chance in hell the MOU would be honored. yaani nipewe kiti with all the powers alafu nipatie mtu mwingine just like that? No way.
You know why shiny’s will never listen to Karua? She was given a flag by Shivachi akaiangalia hivi akamrushia.
We will never forgive her for that.

Nilikuwa class 8 and people were ecstatic.