Slow and steady ladies and gents. Slow and steady.


@Simiyu22 , @Abba , @Purple , @Kahuni Maisha , @Kennedy Maina , @LongTime , @uwesmake etc etc etc etc.

Nothing even on fox news. The sucker has to put himself on daylight news everyday.

Wacha kujimwagia… soma hiyo red font then kunia ulale

@Simiyu22 na @slevyn, this @T.Vercetti lady is still on denial phase. She will get through with time .

Next step she will have is anger , followed by grief, then she will accept and finally she will move on …


:D:D:D…delusions galore! We have already realigned our portfolios for a Biden presidency. This week has not been so bad.

:smiley: si hawa watu wa maga watamea mbue juu ya hii kesi

Count every legal vote

Slow and steady tweets? What happened to your slow and steady lawsuits? How many have been thrown out of court so far?

trump is just playing the masses whom he knows will believe anything, evidence should be taken to court and have the elections nullified, plain and simple. But he’s charging up his base, he got almost 73m votes, next he’ll say they want to assassinate him and call on patriots to defend him. Play book out of shit hole countries

Im going to miss this clown:(:(:frowning:

Kwa ground saa hii

Losing your minds I see.
Georgia is getting a hand recount. You can sit down and relax as the orange draft dodger loses twice.

Don’t worry they are:

Biden - 306
Drumpf - 232

Biden - 77,491,345
Drumpf - 72,307,888

Biden is winning BY A LOT!
It’s frankly not even close.




Be patient

Skiza hio story hapo juu.

Hizo story ni noma. Folks are celebrating Trump lawsuits being thrown out, little do they know, it’ll only take one lawsuit to overturn the trajectory of this election.


Elections should be controlled by the federal govt and not by some governors with a bone to pick.

Unaskia software ni ya Maduro. Soros pia ni member…


Servers ziko Barcelona, hii ni noma. Democrats goose was cooked when Justice Ruth Ginsburg passed.
Initially, they were confident Trump wasn’t gonna make it in the Supreme Court.