Slim possible rewards fat women and discrimanates fit women

Show is crap and must be banned. It’s full of shit.

They should instead have a show that is all inclusive

Don’t like it , don’t watch it.
I don’t :(:frowning: ,anything that doesn’t add value to my life.

:D:D Are you a fattie ?
Put down the crisps


I don’t watch it but a show that rewards heathy eating should be encouraged. Hii kuban ban vitu mwishowe itafikia KTalk. Yule Mutua si mtu poa.

Quite odd to see grown ass men ranting about a woman’s show, you all need to grow some balls


kula poa ,chap tizi.


Nigga,really!!! at this rate you will start wearing kata kundu… .chieth #wanaume kama mabinti.

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Wacha kutumia akili kama mende imekua sprayed na doom iko on its last step. Why stop at slim possible? If that’s your logic, you should mention all competitions. Football rewards those who are talented in it and discriminates those who don’t know how to play, it should be banned? Wale wajinga wengine natakanga kuwapiga kofi, wewe ningekutemea mate juu ya vile nimekudharau, sasa wewe ni baba ya mtu na hio akili? o_O


That show is crappy. I hate those fcukin hippos


Atleast now we can see you are coming and not going my dear…

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Digital migration affords you a chance to watch more than forty channels on your stb. Ama ikibore unaweza kuwatch manyuru kwa aviation TV, he is quite entertaining.

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you forgot to mention he is full miracles

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Seriously nigger???you watch slim possible??? Hii kijiji iko na watu interesting sana…

Mitch detected

i love those momos on the show

For that ‘DISCRIMANATION’ the producer, you and the models mlale shini to get rolled back into shape.


these are the guys who sit when taking a leak