Slept With Someone's Wife: Maggots Coming From Mjulubeng!!

Afadhali kugwamana. Hii ni kali



bibi ya wenyewe is a no no :D:D:D

this ka-witch always surfaces kwa hizi visanga.

Huyu atakuwa akisalimiwa na bibi ya wenyewe balls zinashrink

Maybe like the Mambatha one, where some thieves were naked in the morning dancing with snake. But hii ya maggots inakaa serious kiasi

Stage managed

look carefully and that guy is not in pain at all. Then those magots seem to have been poured from a sack.

No X No = Yes?

Less to do with witchcraft and more to do with being married. As you know, married types do not use condoms with their husband. Thus, anything that the man collects out there , he first dumps on his wife. Whores are probably safer sexually than most married woman. They look clean outside but they are really sick. Infact married couples are one of the biggest HIV pools in Kenya

Great acting

That woman has a sound business plan. She’ll become a billionaire very soon

It’s hard to believe this happened to someone.

Hii ni fake kama ile ya mombasa na nyoka wawili.

Hii mambo ya kuamini uchawi wacheni.

stage managed to get bussiness for the witch, fake. remember the guys wallowing in mud eti wameiba gari wakarogwa, only to be unveiled via cctv how they all arrived sobber, changed clothes and started acting.

She recently appeared in another one on NTV for capturing a “nightrunner”.

She’s very good at advertising herself, helped greatly by corrupt, stupid media and stupid Kenyans.

I don’t know why people believe this shit

Vitu mi huona hapa ktalk :eek::eek:

And some how media is always nearby when these guys are ‘captured’ by the witches spell. Takataka media