Sleepy Joe hands over power to Kamala: Gerald Ford's Prediction Could Soon Come True

President Biden temporarily transferred power on Friday to Vice President Kamala Harris while he undergoes a colonoscopy under anesthesia during his annual physical. On close observation it’s quite telling that Biden has become weak, frail and looks like dementia is knocking. At some time he tripped while climbing up to board Air Force One. Back to power transfer… it got me thinking about sentiments expressed by Gerald Ford, a former president of the United States. Whether this was a concidence or hints from global ruling elites, is debatable:

“Well I hope we do have a young lady at some point become president of the United States…In that term of office of the president, the president will die and the woman will become president under the law or Constitution.”

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Malisa hii shagz mundu

uncle Trump next Potus



Sasa dunia haitapumua ju aliteguka? Trump karibu apoteze toupé yake but hawaongei ju ya upara. TWNBP

Nimeiona hiyo ghasia ikipiga DeSantis war juu he’s a potential threat.