Sleepy Joe Biden

This guy is sleeping in full glare of cameras. We don’t have a president aki @T.Vercetti :D:D:D. Biden amefanya kazi bwana, Let’s go Brandon.



Is this intentional?

We know you
@Aka mpole [email protected] =@patco =@bottom fagget pare tharaka nithi

he was praying the $1.75T to go through

Closing eyes does not mean you are sleeeping, it can as well mean only your listening are required

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D mwizi wa kura amelemewa mpaka CIA imetumwa kumuamusha , but hizo conference mimi huwa nalala pia

Trump 2024 will sort out this problem if the Grim Reaper doesn’t

It looks intentional .the definition of I can do what I want and you do nothing. I think Biden is using age card to even shit on himself and evade long silly meetings. This guy is arrogant.


Njaruo @kanguthu kwani unaogopa kuni tag? :D:D:D

Na by the way umemaliza kutombwa mkundu na budako?


@Oti The Gargantuan unapenda dinosaurs sana.


The guy giving his speech is extremely boring, hata mimi ningedoze off.

Yeah, right!

Everybody around was listening wrong! Only he got it! Just make peace with the fact that the old man is no spring chicken. It is nature taking its course. No one is too powerful to resist senility. Joe biden is senile, ain’t no shame in that!

Wewe unakubaliwa hata kung’orota. Juu wewe si president of usa. Hiyo ofisi iko na decorum zake.

huyo msee ni mnoma banae
mikono iko unsuported na kichwa haisongi na jamaa ako dreamland

either jamaa ako na core muscles kama shetani, ama amevaa exoskeleton of some kind chini ya nguo

Wee conference gani unaweza alikwa na tabia zako za ku-dry fry anything that walks … acha kutubebe. Lakini anyone would sleep on a “climate change” conference. Shit is boring as fuk.

Inaitwa power nap bwana:D:D