Sleepover with a Lanye

Ebu leta hekaya kamili…

“shika hii PK ukule. Sipendi harufu ya pombe”. Unaamka unapata amechekesha electronics zote. :D:D:D

Iko siku I did this and I regret upto date,it was a messy affair…Hawa Kanye bana wengine ni wachafu ajab!


:smiley: mimi nataka msichana…

Most likely atakuibia something you won’t notice until months later. You are most likely going to regret it in the morning when you want to get rid of her quickly after you see her in the sober morning sunshine.

Nipe number yake niko na nguo mingi za kufuliwa na nyumba inahitaji usafi

Kuna yellow yellow niliona hapo Amar. Nikaiuma 1 shot at 350.
Tujaenda upstairs nikainunulia Chrome nusu, then I cldnt keep my eyes off her.
She had a tight jeans white hotpant, clearly had the best mattercore there that day.
Asked her kama twende shot ingine (she had a room), tujaenda nikampiga nikampea 300.

As I was dressing up I had anaa hardon nikamwambia 'See what uv done, I can’t go out nikiwa hivi), akashika mjulus akacheka n that’s how tulienda shot ya tatu.
Didn’t pay anything extra.She was pretty.

After a week I looked for her again na sikumuona.

Ulikula majini…

Agwas ulanye huwezi quit ata ujaribu :D:D:D

But unaweza kubali kuexchange fluids, smh!


“Shut the f_k up Donnie!”:smiley:

Like these two musketeers… :D:D:D


Aah,a fellow fossil. Unatambua classic vizuri

That Walter guy is simply hilarious. I enjoyed the movie immensely

Niko re-run hapa soap2day.

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Lanye unampea cheo ya bibi. Some people are just foolish


I have just come across a case where a notorious lanye has washed @Agwambo 50K from his mansion in Langata. Kumbe hii sleepover si ya showoffs na loudmouths like the Enigma.

@Agwambo had eaten the lanye over 4 times at his Palatial Langata Mansion and had even began having thoughts of upgrading her to a spacious bedsitter in the whoring capital of Roysambu. Little did he know that the petite slayqueen did not come to Nairobi to count buildings.

After a night of quaffing expensive liquor coupled with the international herb, or wajackoya greens, better known as kishash to the younger generation, accompanied by roast Matumbo and Ugali ya kisiagi ,@ Agwambo and the cunning slayqueen proceeded to his mansion in Langata.

What was supposed to be a night of debauchery ,and surpassing village thresholds of viboko Saba moto, turned into the proverbial day of wearing sack cloth and gnashing of teeth.

@Agwambo was given a good BJ to begin with and tlge then proceeded to smash the slayqueen 2 weak shots. No one should ask if he used protection. I am not aware.

@Agwambo then fell Into deep slumber as the cunning slayqueen massaged his grotesque potbelly asking him, " Babe I still wanna smash, niongeze kamoja."

Once she confirmed the fool was dead asleep. She wore her clothes quickly and procedeed to empty his wallet of 50k clean. The money was what remained of the proceeds of a corrupt deal @Agwambo executed with his accomplices at KRA.

The slayqueen then left through the gate and boarded a Boda Boda to an undisclosed location.

I am informed the ruthless lady of the night also took amole pictures of her naked victim for use in extortion Incase he threatens to take the matter to the police.

Kumbe slayqueens wako biz hakuna Rafiki yako.

Picture of lanye is attached

Lakini Enigma, can you share contacts tusafushe Rungu pia.

Enigma moved from Langata to The Leafy Suburbs in the middle of the Covid pandemic when you were working from home with half salary.Check your Coop and Equity accounts isikue wenye walikupatia fake intelligence walifyeka the 1.5 sausands in both accounts.