Sleepover with a Lanye

Weka number elder. Kuna mwingine alikuwa interviewed kwa show flani ghetto radio inaitwa ‘hustle yangu’.Ana jipackage design ya ati ukiboeka unamcall anakuja kwako anaentertain na kukuchekesha na jokes na ma story the whole day halafu unamlipa jioni anaenda home.Nilisave hio number alipeana kwa show nikamtext badae nikauliza kama naeza osha rungu akanishow nimcall tuongee nikajua baaas,haka nikamalaya tu.

Leta number tumpee more work.

Wacha niambie cousin yake anirushie number.

Alafu usisahau kuleta hekaya venye umepatikana ukilala kwa smiti after your calls go unanswered for 2 days

Elders wamesema upromote yeye upeane number

sleepover itaishia umepiga dem kadry fry ile masaa ya usiku hata kama ni lanye. utapinduka tu kudara mti inapenya

Alafu PNC inakutandika hukutumia protection

The thought of having a sleepover with a stranger you’ve just met online is SCARY. Hapo unajiexpose to so many unknowns kama
1: possibility of kula lanye dry fry
2: Possibility of kuwekewa mchele
3. You might drop your guard uanze kufinger fck malaya deep inside the pssy
4. Worst of all- PNC that will last for months

Tulia kuma ni kuma mzae

… i need a house cleaner, connect me please.

She has just accepted her place as a ‘woman’ and decided to monetize it. Compared to a woman who will sleep with her boss to climb the ladder, this is clean money.

so when she sleeps with boss to climb ladder its dirty money? how can it be dirty money when two people are willing for whatever reason? the only dirty money I imagine is from robbery or murder. life is all about give and take.

Leta namba asap
@Yuletapeli inbox no ASAP!!

Weather it is:D:D

It’s not a case of two willing people when the only chance the woman has to greatness is by spreading her legs. Give and take doesn’t work like that.

Service yake ni two k i guess, i never engaged her but a friend [which is not = me :D] did.

Hizo lanye mnasemaga hazina skin diseases? Siwezi kubali ku share duvet na stranger na nilale na amani.

mimi ni peasant but I can afford 2k…
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Reminds me of my first “One Day Stand” …

She was a cute , bootylicious thing from across at KMTC …

We met during her first Ward Round and had an afternoon Brunch together …
And she accompanied me to the Doctor’s Flats on the excuse that I would change , then escort her to her Hostel to freshen up , then go to the Movies …


One thing led to another and we ended up in bed the whole afternoon , exploring each other and exchanging “Anatomy Notes” …

Best afternoon I ever had in a long time … :D:D

Mama ama Msichana …??? :D:D