Sleeping with Bosses, our gurls in Gulf

Yah. If you are a woman in Kenya you know that sex is expected by male bosses and it’s the norm. So warembo mukiingia Saudi mme akutake bcz umezoea Kenya, you give in, he gives you money, after that he will want to be getting it free and if you refuse he will tell his wife that you are seducing him, next thing ni Bibi atakae kuua bcz there your husband is your everything you can not even drive a car as a woman, let alone live as a single woman. That is the ugly truth that Jimmy Gait is speaking. Huku Kenya women tumezoea sleeping with bosses at work for favors.

If you don’t sleep with bosses in Kenya corporate world Maisha inakua ngumu. You will suffer all kinds of harassment, Mara transfer, Mara no leave, Yaani utajua it’s a man’s world. First of all even getting that job utapata kwa kitanda. And as incompetent as you may be you will get trips and be powerful.

So ukienda Uarabuni you think it’s the same modus operandi. Ukivua suruali itakua stipend. The joke will be on you. Uarabuni sio Kenya my dear, where you are somebody’s wife the boss fucks you on the desk and gives you a bahasha. Arabs are not easy with their money. Utashangaa. They will kill you and bury you in the desert.

Please Kenyans let’s avoid taking our bad behaviors to Gulf. If you want to sell your body, stay in Kenya or you Kemboi uingie brothel.

I have been in Riyadh for 2 years. It is true that those people have a different culture than us. However, if you live at someone’s house, there are chances that you are going to be mistreated. Like what happens when you live at your relatives’ houses.

So Jimmy Gait wasn’t wrong?


Skiza huyu baba

Kwa hivyo kama bibi yako anafanya kazi huko… ama acha tu…

But if your boss is doing you on the desk, then leaves a bahasha after every act, it means you are a hardcore malaya. Pucci for pay. 98% of women are not Pucci for play direct.
Getting sex from the maid is fairly common even in Kenya.

That’s what your wives are doing in the corporate world my dear. They flaunt it to us Holy Joe’s who have refused to join the system. They do not even go to motels. Hapo hapo kwa desk. Take your bahasha and leave. It’s a jungle out here. I don’t envy anyone with daughters entering the job market.

Sabina Joy in the office? A woman who receives 2K in the bahasha after an act, probably does so in the office and heads straight to SJ to make an extra 2K. Thats a hardcore malaya and not typical MWK.
One thing that shocked me was my cousin invited me to his house in Kiserian couple years ago. I get there and hes not home and tells me to wait.:rolleyes::rolleyes: ( could be hour, 4 hours…) . So instead of sitting in the car in some dusty apartment building, I drive to the shopping center jump into the nearest bar/restaurant for a drink. Its early like 11 am. Right next to me is a guy who’s already ordered some meat and is sipping a drink. In walks a beautiful Masaai lady to meet the guy. So they are talking I am not really interested ( pissed off as I never wait ) but I am right next so I can hear. Only later did I put 2 and 2 on the convo. She was a teacher. He had just returned to the city. She was asking about his family, kids …Oh they are doing great, kasins are fine, christmas they did this and that, nini nini. But that was his MWK coz they avoided the wife :D:D.

Kenya is the only country in the world where married folk have a higher prevalence of new HIV infections than gey men and prostitutes combined.

Promiscuity is promiscuity. There are no levels of hardened or not. If you knew how people were promiscuous at work you would actually think that SJ people are better bcz at least they go to a bed. It’s very disgusting. MWK or woteva ni umalaya tuu yote.

I think SA is worse in rates. Uganda used to be another level. I remember we took a school trip in High school to UG. My HS was very small so we were not many. After activities in the evening, basically set free to tour Kampala but make it back to base by dark. Off we went. Of course many of us were Vs so hormones are high as hell. Pass by a club here, there, you find women legs wide open 125 degrees enticing you. Talk about your classmates pulling you to safety. Wild place. 254 is nothing.
Theres different levels of whorring. Taking it with pay is protitution. Theres many women who are just wild/experimental and dont care for the money.

You are not getting me. I am not talking about literal numbers, I am talking about proportionality in terms of demography. So in SA I believe geys, junkies and sex workers make the highest proportion of new infections. In Kenya the leading group is married folk, so high infact that even if you combine 2 high risk groups married folk group still has much higher rates.

Well the ones I’m talking about are in it for the benefits not adventure that’s why if you stop reciprocating it becomes a problem bcz wako wira literally.