Sleeping with a cousin is not incest

Sex Between Cousins is within the law

Cousins are fair game as per our law (Sexual Offences Act). I guess it’s not that bad given that Indians marry within family all the time.

Sec 20: [COLOR=rgb(0, 168, 133)]“Any male person who commits an indecent act or an act which causes penetration with a female person who is to his knowledge his daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother, niece, aunt or grandmother is guilty of an offence termed incest and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than ten years:
Provided that, if it is alleged in the information or charge and proved that the female person is under the age of eighteen years, the accused person shall be liable to imprisonment for life and it shall be immaterial that the act which causes penetration or the indecent act was obtained with the consent of the female person”

Sec 21: [COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]“The provisions of section 20 shall apply mutatis mutandis with respect to any female person who commits an indecent act or act which causes penetration with a male person who is to her knowledge her son, father, grandson grandfather, brother, nephew or uncle.”

Now that the legal bit is out of the way there’s the culture bit, religious bit and just the conscience bit. My conscience tells me that cousins are to be kept away from whether first, second or 27th cousins. But hey, that’s just me.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Having said that I do not have control over your erection habits and I urge you to fuck whatever to you is fair game. Just be ready to face the legal, religious, cultural/societal or conscientious consequences.

You have encouraged, discouraged, encouraged and discouraged again:confused:

Sec 22: Test of relationship
(1) In cases of the offence of incest, brother and sister includes half brother, half sister and adoptive brother and adoptive sister and a father includes half father and an uncle of the first degree and a mother includes a half mother and an aunt of the first degree whether through lawful wedlock or not.
(2) In this Act—
(a) “uncle” means the brother of a person’s parent and “aunt” has a corresponding meaning;
(b) “nephew” means the child of a person’s brother or sister and “niece”has a corresponding meaning;
(c) “half-brother” means a brother who shares only one parent with another;
(d) “half-sister” means a sister who shares only one parent with another; and
(e) “adoptive brother” means a brother who is related to another through adoption and “adoptive sister” has a corresponding meaning.

What are your intentions now that you are newly dumbed?

Not that I personally agree, but our Judicial System thinks it’s fair game:

[SIZE=6]Man free as court rules sex with cousin is not incest[/SIZE]


Tomba familia yako polepole. Pana sumbua kijiji


So, for how long have you been sleeping with that cousin of yours?

Are you muslim? I know Prophet Mohammed married his first cousin and that is why it is not discouraged in Muslim majority communities. Look at what generations of inbreeding has done to Arabs and Somalis. It has turned them into satanic creatures, quick to deadly violence and having no soul nor conscience.

what prompted you to get into research mode on this issue. Are you about to get all lawyer’d for reasons beyond yoir comprehension.

It is not incest i once fucked my cousin really hard and if i had a chance once again i will fuck her really rough this time.


What about christians, assuming you are one? Ama you stopped earlier?

You always evil wired !

Marrying cousins is not something Christians do. Kuowa na kutomba ni nje ya ukoo. It’s healthy. It’s natural. It’s African.

Mutandia Mutandis ni nani?:D:D

Oki cousin fakka

When I was young i screwed my cousin she was older than me it was one of the best nights of my life. I don’t think what l did was incestuous.

a cousin is like a sister

It’s gross, but we have many unattended underlying psychological cases in Kenya that will never be diagnosed or treated for lack of basic knowledge and access to psychotherapy.