Is it me or is this not exciting enough for the long run. They have played the ultimate trump card of WW2 a bit early (oh wait lemme guess they gone milk it like in the first gen days till it sucks) and I get can’t do 1 cause of BF1 but this is just a nail to their coffin.I don why I feel like am gone play it but i wont play it for more than 6 months…

but honestly wish treyarch is on this right now…the black ops series need this bad
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comes out in november very early to judge, all i know sijai skip COD battlefield one hiyo kudedi all the time sucks


zote ni more fun than any battlefield game out there, shida na battlefield gameplay ni boring. shoot that do this blah blah, COD JETPACKS, CLIMBING WALLS KAMA SPIDER MAN KULE LAGOS, SHOOTING MARINES IN SPACE, COME ON WE LOVE COD DUTY JUU YA HOW RIDICULOUS THE GAMES ARE

We love call of duty cause of the theatrics…thats why we got soap and woods and recognizable charcters.Ghosts was a shameful game.Am a cod kimpango(will deny it when addressed with my gaming handle but upuss kaa hii

Imagine that shit…EA has been shit but battlefield man kuna venye it is just better.The multiplayer is just way better.Especially the lack of vehicles in COD is what made me “grow up”.Its fun running around and “snap-in”(you know what am talking about) that kill but to be in a heavy tank and sonning 32 other players…not even the k9 unit kill streak(blop2) comes that close since you are a big target and all.

plus the battlefield community ain as cancerous…

si ati battlefield ni mbaya ni that after a while unaboeka nayo alafu for a game that ina take that long ku instal na una maliza in a day or two bila replay value inafeel kama waste. COD sahii bado naeza play ile ya 03 na nitabambika tu

Oh you have only played single player(since unapirate)funny enough the old battlefield game servers are usually cracked so all version hadi hardline or battlefront kuenda mbele ndo haziko hacked.Play it online battlefield online …hands down iko level yake …it cant be competitive but the experience is leagues from cod.There is nothing like bieng in a 64 player match with planes,vehicles,snipers and tactical weapons all in the action.PLus the engine man…you telling me such shit you have not experienced

yeah mi hudownload cracked versions za skidrow apana tambua multiplayer

What just look at the video i posted of best 50 plays you telling me…you dont tambua bieng in a chopper shooting a guy of his jet take the jet shoot down a tank then capture the flag…you seriously gone say that ain lit