Slay Queens mmeona hii?

[SIZE=5]Nose hair extensions: The next big beauty trend?[/SIZE]

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Over the years, we have witnessed all sorts of beauty trends some of which we embraced and some of which we distanced ourselves from. Some of the trends are still deeply rooted amongst us while others, just like a wave were short-lived.

Now that we are in the 21st century people are bolder than before to try out new trends without the fear of being bashed and this have in turn birthed many adventurous trends, the latest being nose-hair extensions. This trend was created by one open-minded IG user by the name gret_chen_chen who posted her nose hair extensions on Wednesday on her Instagram account.

It is evident that the trend is fast catching on since from then several people have posted their photos on Instagram experimenting on the same.

Wacha wajibambe.There is a comment i saw on yahoo or youtube of an article/video which was about a tool that a woman can use to pee while standing up like men.The person who commented said if men had periods even women would want to have them too.I still laugh when i remember it.

nikipatana na Njeri ameweka hizi upuus hapo nyama villa naweza mufungua kofi aende atishe mtu mwingine . jinga .

WTF??!! :eek::eek:

Ferk the shit!

What do men want? heheheh…wah!

So what’s next?
Njungamais extension???..fuck it

Next naona wanaeza eka extension ya ndevu

BTW kuna wale wako nazo

This is another man’s fetish


:D:D:Dthis is funny