Slay Queen who stabbed Boyfriend to death scores an A- While in Prison

She is remembered for stabbing her boyfriend 27times. Sat for her KCSE this year and managed to score an A - (minus) . Soon she will be released (I bet) …Masaibu ya boy child continues.
RIP boy child

Aki ya Ngai vindu vichenjire fiu

She is needed to populate the world outchea! Huyo boy ashaaga…life moves on. Congratulations to her btw!

She will use her success to buy her freedom. You wait and see. First she won the beauty pageant competition then this.

Hizi story za prisoner kupita exams ni chieth sana, unapata mtu alikua graduate akifungwa anafanya kcpe au kcse mnaanza kusema ati amepata A

She will never be released uyo ni mali ya serikali

life is not fair.

Kuna kitu inaitwa appeal. Most capital offenders use this to buy freedom alafu plus her latest credentials to boot and finally if she gets a female judge chances are she may win the appeal.

She isnt the only one brilliant in that prison. Life goes on

Lakini she has good legs and ranging ya thao.

Utapata ni ile naivety na sweetness ya Kuni ilimfanya awe obsessed na mwanaume had I akamuua.

I had one like that na karibu abifungishe after we quarrelled. Then she followed me to coast ati turudiane. I really feared for my life. Na the eyes looked kama za huyu,they had a strange,obsessive look.

Which won’t happen in this case…remember the dude’s family won’t be sleeping when this happens…and hey they are many inmates with even better credentials than her but they have never been released…and ooh better credentials doesn’t make you a saint…hata apewe female judge huyo ni condemn ataserve

An appeal takes place 14 days after sentencing. If she never did appeal, then uamuzi wa high court was final.
Her credentials are irrelevant in the eyes of the law. Vitu zingine huwa mnaandika hapa for the fun of it…

Do they supply tissue papers in prison…just wondering…

Hata mimi nimeshtuka kuskia @Rauchen akisema ati ataachiliwa…she committed murder that’s a capital offense in the country. The law knows nothing about beauty or credentials…Huyo atatoka jela ile siku prezzo atampardon ama azeeke uko

she’ll be out here, n meet a mbirionea who knows not of her past…pretend to be the good wife for 2 years n kill him too

what a waste of good crazy kanyau.

Mtu anafikiria kama mwalimu and not like 16-18 year olds doing the exam for the first time, mbona asipite with flying colours.

Is the case even over?

…iiiish! No chills :D:D

It was decided long ago