Dude , me naona the kunguru is a hunter and that’s how she gets d*ck , it’s her strategy …just think abaout …

Buda boss kaa ukijua Mombasa imejaa wakambodia, wasapere na wameru. Wadigo wako vijijini

@forestmonkey totally agreed. Mombasa 9/10 ziko lakini thyre hidden in plain sight, u must be very keen and the buribuis don’t help too. uzuri wa pwani kwetu is they are not over exaggerated with cakes of make up. Watu wa bara consider the extreme caking and scandalous dressing accompanied with horse booty hair as beauty. It appeals to the lust tentacles for meek weaklings.
On atha matters hii Kijiji watu huwa wanaamkuana in this game of swords sana from the basic and savage responses and detailed evidence once a villager posts his dilemma. I pity most…

Kile @Karoga atasema nitakubaliana nayo

Not all who claim to be alpha males will be in the ALPHA MALE KINGDOM, alpha male Constitution says " if a kunguru sets rules for you ,you are a beta male and if she breaks rules just to fuck you then you are alpha male"