Slay queen embarrassed for stealing JKUAT plate

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 – A tweet by a lady identified as Nimu Kiarie on Twitter backfired after Netizens trolled her for owning a stolen plate.

The unhygienic lady posted a photo of dirty utensils in her kitchen sink and said that she abhors cleaning utensils.

“Washing utensils is number one on my least pleasurable activities,” she posted.

Hawk-eyed Netizens spotted a plate with JKUAT logo in the sink and trolled her for being a petty thief.

Watu waache ujinga. Souvenirs, stolen or otherwise, are part of life. I have been to many homes where airline and hotel.branded utensils are aplenty. Kwanza British airways must be having a special budget for utensils and cutlery.
In our college days, we had guys owning street lights and signs as souvenirs collected after the endless riots that were frequent siku za moi.

Hehe… …

:D:D:D:D that’s Truman capote , she hates men coz a omuhusband will instruct her to wash them dishes and her ikuss too.and she easily gets tired out of watching soap operas .she stole dozens of jkuat utensils to start life with too since she is miss independent who doesn’t need a man

Stolen Or not. I had a workmate who’d nyuria with a towel for every hotel she spent a night professionally or personally.It was like a fetish. She had like 15 plus towels.

Cunt relate. Niko na sahani moja ya plastic na sufuria mbili. Plus packti ya plastic spoons and forks. Ikiisha unarenew subscription

Kuna ka slay queen kalikuwa kana ringa mbaya campus…sa kuna time alikuwa amesota mbaya sijui hajakula like for a day or two…chick was starving but anajikaza tu.
Sa after sports sportsmen walikua wanapewa special diet na campus…sa tumetoka game na kit tukaingie dh through mlango ya cooks kuenda kujipakulia badala kuingilia mlango ya students tukapata slay queen inaweka slices of watermelon na nanasi kwa kibeti…wacha wasee wa anze manduru.

This could be a lecturers, HODs or even Deans house. Slay queens like to pose for photos anywhere near expensive goods.

Kuna wengine walibeba booth ya Charity sweepstake…

She was showing off her kitchen and utensils, everything from a woman is never random

Mwingine dim eye alianua traffic light banae.

And you found that funny?

Funny and pointless.
Maringo na kujipandisha bei ya nini?
Una mavazi viatu make up wigs but you cant afford to feed yourself.
Watu husota na unakula na comrades sasa hii kujionesha your a cut above the rest and your just a lonely attention seeking soul ni ya nini?

You have been to ‘many homes’ doing what exactly?

Spare us your escapades with your mcoosh ikitoa ngozi ya mahindi as he drills

Kwa hio picha ni nini inaeza itwa ‘expensive goods’? Hizo sufuria, thermos, sahani?

Na je yule ameweka Unga kwa sanduku la IEBC?

Galgalo kwani tulikosana…umenitupa sana.
Inakaa singo mathaa amekukwamilia vilivyo…

kijiko ya Kenya Airways

Banae!! You wonder how someone can stir tea on a plane, look left, look right then look left again and pocket the spoon as a take away. But it is a disease that afflicts even the rich and might. Here is the Czech president in his element during a state visit to Chile

It’s called scarcity mindset, usually a result of growing up in an inadequate environment plus moral decadence… masaibu ya africa in general