So you thought Libya manenos are shocking. Look for Aljazeera documentary on the same. Kwanza most are in rural area, they are owned by a family plus the kids the slave has, they’re forced to breed many kids. Some look African others like Somalis. If the owner dies the slave family is split up to go work for different family members! Some owners are younger than the slaves they own.Even teenagers who inherit the slaves from their parents. The price is from 40k dollars to million, women are more expensive bcz they will breed. Majabu! In this mordern world ati kuna 500 slaves in Yemen. Maybe the Kenyans who disappeared there saa hii ni slaves. Kenyans should avoid middle east altogether this people have no soul. Even Mps and Imams own slaves.


Somalis are not African ?


Show me where those Yemenis are…


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People who claim to follow Sharia law, go get a male slave kwa jirani to impregnate his female slaves,pia the slave owners can have sex with the slaves to sire kids, so basically you’re even enslaving your own kids. Bcz,if the slave owners screw the female slaves the kids are the slave owners kids. Salala! This shit keeps getting more and more shocking.Thats why some look like Somalis bcz their dads are Arab slave owners but how did all these black people get to Yemeni? Alafu ati its shameful to sell a slave, at woteva,price coz its prestigious to own slaves. When there’s no work in the farm theyre sent to Saudi Arabia,where they work and the money they make goes to their Master. If the slave is to be freed kuna,barua ya freedom from the master. If the slave escapes the owner goes after him and brings him or her back. Aki ukiona these slaves they look so intimidated hadi their posture. Aki Kenyans don’t go to Middle East, its a jungle. Kaa tuu na shida zako huku. My God! Terrible!

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Mauratania in West Africa is also notorious for slavery.

Same shit in Oman too. They still have black slaves to this day. Although they are considered “free” and only work for the master at their own volition.

How can somebody serve at their own volition when you don’t pay them anything. Its like volunteering or what? These are the issues OAU, UN and the AMISOM guys should be looking at. How to free these people. I think theyre so brainwashed especially the second generation who have never known freedom and were born into slavery.

Its very easy to end up as a slave hukos. Bureaus ask the employers to pay 400k plus flight fee. Ukifika passport is taken and kept by your tajiri. Then atyms unapelekwa ocha as in out of town. Sasa huko bunduz if they decided to enslave you utajitoaje? In the middle of nowea huko desert interior. Kenyans are really risking going there. Afadhali you bcm a mbotch in Kenya! Huko your life is worse than that of an animal.


According to bingwa, no!

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Wewe Josesphine Onyango unatusumbua

The greatest irony is how a sane African black kikuyu man like @mayekeke choses to emulate change his name and religion and worship these fucktards pig god allah chieth

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@albert mwendabai the tree holder from Meru,how are you?

A thousand reasons to hate Islams

Kunia river Ganges polepole, Jinga!

Osha tunyanye pole pole.

and you are better coz u have a missionary slave missionary names:D:D

I’m sorry my friend I’m neither Muslim nor Christian. Those who know me well here can attest.

Btw @DUNGA unuse kundu sounds sooo mohhamedic

Baniani mbaya I will block u if you c call me ur ugly gfs name one more tym. If u don’t like my post tembeza kiatu shoga hii not posting shit.