Slavery in Ethiopia

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The abolishment of slavery in Ethiopia…

As you may have heard, Oromia & Amhara are in a high stakes battle for the state of Ethiopia against the Tigray dominated current govt.

Amhara are 35% of the population

Oromo are 40%

Tigray are 6% of the population…

Oromos feel it’s their turn to eat. They also have a millenia of grievance against the other two - they used to be serfs and slaves to Amhara/ Tigray during the feudal years.

(Aside : I read somewhere about a 19th century Ethiopian Queen and her two teen Makonde slaves in some explorer book… In Ethiopia they’ll call dark skinned people same name they use for slaves…)


Civil war might break in Ethiopia, there is too much tension.

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Ethiopia will collapse and it will be brutal. The kind of shit happening over there is not sustainable in the 21st century. A minority Tigray whose population is just 6 million has held over 95 million that makes up the rest of the Ethiopian population hostage for decades. The Tigray government will be overthrown and ferk they will propably pay back big time.

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hapo naona genocide ya hao tigray

Who said the Oromo haven’t ruled Ethiopia??
The North East Oromo (around Addis) christianized within 50 years of arriving in Ethiopia in the 16th Century and joined the Àmhara dominated nobility.
Haile Selasie was part Oromo

They have been saying this since the 2000s.
Fact is ,the Oromo are too fractured along sectarian lines to fight the Tigray dominated Government.Oromo Christians who slightly outnumber Oromo Muslims are the biggest agitators.They want a return of the dual Amhara-Christian Oromo monarchist power that existed in Ethiopia since the 16th Century.
Oromo Muslims have a totally different agenda which is tied to Somali and Harar aspirations of Muslim power in a nation where Christians have heavily dominated for eons.
Amharas are 50-50.They do not want chaos but they do want power once more.
The Southern Cushites hate the Tigray dominated Government but also note that the former PM was one of them.And that although it was the Tigray dominated Government that snatched their land,the settlers are almost exclusively Amhara.
The Gambella Regions wants to join South Sudan

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