I guess you’ve watched the CNN Documentary. There was also another Documentary showing how West Africans risk just to get into Europe. There are so many mass graves in Tunisia and Morocco of the migrants who die on boats as they try to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

I agree what the Libyans have done to there fellow Africans is unacceptable. But this country is in Crisis. They have there problems to deal with.

Where is the African union? Where are the countries these migrants came from? Why are they not helping!!!

At least Rwanda is willing to help… Kenya has been on the front line helping refugees

Same case with Kenyan women who seek mboch jobs in Saudi etc. They have heard the stories, but they still go there in droves. Sikio la kufa halisikii dawa. I bet you that if you go to JKIA international terminal, you will find them there right now


Wapi hiyo doc

There was a very long listing once put up here about these migrants. Took me almost 3days to go through it. The Sahara desert is full of shallow graves of immigrants. Tangu kitambo. Others have been trafficked for their organs upande wa Sinai desert.


They should lodge their complaints with the US, France, Britain and the UN for sponsoring the mess in Libya. And the AU for watching meekly while an African leader was getting violently removed from power. Mzito Gadaffi akiuliwa kama mbwa, what did they expecti would happen to the “small mwananchi”?


Most of Libya’s population is composed of Arab looking creatures who torture sub Saharan Africans. This however can be traced back when Gaddafi opened the borders to its neighbours in a bid to realize his blown out of proportion of united states of Africa.

By the end of Arab spring uprising and subsequently end of Gaddafi reign there was a good proportion of both black immigrants and the native Berbers. This however didn’t go well as there has been no stable government since then opening a very big gap for both exploitation and mistreatment. However a % of west Africa still try to access the west and end up being captured.

There are markets where blacks are bought and are held as hostages/ slaves until a good sum of money is paid to these Arabs.

My point is very simple let’s develop our country instead of dying with fantasies of developed countries.


lakini nigros are a cursed lot…hapa kwetu na Afrika tunapigana ukabila daily,black on black crime in the US iko worse,Europe hakukaliki,Arab states ndio hiyo sasa…watu warudi tu juu ya miti ndio maybe kuna amani!


Hii ni uchungu sana.

So sad man, kwa hii story sooth ur sole with some somber Reggae

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The legacy of the US first Black President hehe.

Trump ni fala but he hasn’t started off shit like this in the Middle East


Unbelievable…just sad.

Hizo ni maiti naona??

Hiyo thread nilisoma jioni mzima

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Kumbe sikuwa peke yangu.

Someone please repost the link.

Trouble…right now at least every nation globally has it’s own kind of shit to handle… even a developed country like Germany is struggling with the refugee crisis.


Weka link hapa tafadhali

Unbearable tragedy to behold.

It is desperation, no one goes aware from their home land when the options they have at home are fantastic. The women hope they will be lucky and nothing bad will befall them. The immigrants also have high expectation they will arrive safely, get a job to assist kin back home. Most come from villages where they don’t have real time news of what happens during the crossing.

Africa is a continent blessed with numerous resources, unable to help its own. Its resources plundered with the help of our own kin. The African getting swallowed by the Sahara.

We need a European Union style welfare support so that so many people don’t get so desperate. Africa need to work as a Team - a union with regard to such matters

We should ask ourselves why are these young men leaving first before condemning libyans…the libyans see an opportunity. These men are leaving because there are no job opportunities in Africa. The leaders have failed them. Africa has the most resources in the world but Africa is “poor”. I haven’t seen Africans leaders sit down addressing this problem of this slavery. I haven’t. But you will find these African leaders buying expensive Mercedes for their fleet, which could have been used to create a job to hire 200 of these slaves. What are our priorities as Africans?
[SIZE=1]In my quest of knowledge, I never saw anyone from a country called Botswana . I never knew why till today[/SIZE]


Really sad