Slave Trade In 21st Century

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Islam is the master of slavery led by the fallible ‘last’ prophet Mohammed al toilete

IMHO, GADO got it pretty wrong today.

The boat people basically come into Europe and get detained, not enslaved. And that isif their boats do not capsize before rescuers arrive.

He could have done better with depicting those women who go to theMiddle East, get thier papers confiscated, and are treated worse than slaves. They also get there through traffickers who madquarade as agents.

Christianity is not any better. But Hinduism is the worst with their caste system.

You are the one who doesn’t get it.
Tripoli is not in Europe.
Go read about what happens in Libya utaelewa what Gaddo drew

Christianity and specifically Jesus didn’t and doesn’t condone slavery.

Yeah, but slavers used it to justify their acts in America, Caribbean, Latin America and Europe.

note that those were slave owners but not Jesus Christ our deity. a plethora of Christians do heinous things in the name of Christianity without any justification

Same with Muslims. Both religions were spread using violence, murder, rape etc.

unlike Jesus, Mohammed kept slaves. specifically black slaves… Mohammed bought and kept slaves… Jesus assures us we are all the same regardless of color… Mohammed followers traded with slaves…

according to Mohammed and allah if you have committed adultery with a slave you retribution is through slashes …but if you commit adultery with a free person you are stoned to death…you see the difference here?

ask an arab how they call a dark skinned person…they call them abeed that is the same name for slaves…

enda middle east saa hizi uone vile wana disregard black ppl they treat them like slaves

Like uthamaki

Stop being ignorant, soma soma kiasi

What’s the difference between slavery and forced labor to which our ancestors were subjected?

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Christianity is not any better. But Hinduism is the worst with their caste system.
True, Hinduism is a disgrace to humanity.
I tend to think caste system is another word for racism even Buddhists practice it in modern day feudal Japan.[/QUOTE]