Slain City Lawyer, A Father's Curse

It was immediate former Attorney General Githu Muigai who said in a newspaper interview that at the end of the day, when the music stops, when the curtains fall, you have to go home and be yourself; a father, a husband, a brother, a villager coming to bury the dead with the other villagers.

And so, it was for city lawyer Robert Chesang, except that he came home in a casket, his father, Mzee Chesang Kiptala, in lonesome grief under a tree outside his mud-walled house in a humble home reeking of poverty and neglect in Kalabata village in Baringo County.

Chesang was evidently a man of means – a lawyer married to a magistrate and owner of a plush home in Machakos County. Why, Kenyans wondered on social media, would such a man abandon his aged father, without even the barest of comforts?

The slain city lawyer’s case is no exception. Thousands of sick, hungry, elderly men and women are languishing in poverty in villages, yet their sons and daughters live large in cities.

According to the 2109 census results, people aged 65 and above constitute about 2.7 per cent of Kenya’s total population.

Charles Mwangi has been living in abject poverty despite his children living and working in the city. He is a troubled man who depends on casual jobs and well-wishers in the village to put food on the table. Now in his 70s, Mwangi, old and frail, says he is disappointed with his children because he can’t recall the last time they paid him a visit.

“My children have deserted me. I can’t remember the last time they visited me on Christmas. I struggled to raise them, but when they became adults they forgot about me. I didn’t even have savings because I wanted them to have a good life. Look at me. I wear tattered clothes, yet I have children who work in the city,” the old man told this writer.



So sad

Never expect your kids to reciprocate what you did for them when they become successful.

Really sad.

They don’t ask for reciprocation but care.They used their energy to bring you up

It has already been established that lawyers have no souls. Huyo inafaa azikwe tu kama mbwa, useless fucker.

Who knows what they will become or where they will go? You can’t even blame or curse them since they are the ones to carry over your genes to the next generation.

Never ever sacrifice your life, your happiness or your financial security for anyone. Always put your interests first because at some point as a man, everyone atachoka na wewe.

Boss these parents aren’t asking for too much,a simple visit to the village makes them very happy whether you have gifts or not a parent will always welcome you …unless for those who parted on bitter ground

I know. I visit my parents regularly and I know how much they appreciate.

This message should reach those joining plantation to have kids. They keep admonishing MGTOW members saying we will die lonely when old

You are a fool if you think having biological kids is for them to help you in the future .


Ghasia hii, I have said plantation owners keep saying that having kids will help them not be miserable at their old ages

Sins committed along the blood line always resurface with disastrous effect

This man was probably a piss poor dad. Was not fatherly to his kids. Now crying.
You reap what you sow.

Also calling your parents at least once a week should be a routine thing for everybody who has parents. Hata kama you were never the favourite child kama mimi you still call to say hello. Hata kama huna pesa za kumtumia your still call. Wazazi hufurahia sana kupigiwa simu tu kujuliwa hali.

Not necessarily…