Skyworth 32S3A32G review. Its not Worth it!

I recently wanted a new skyworth smart tv because i moved to a different place that has no electricity. So a 32" would serve me well with solar panel. Online i searched for a model that would be energy efficient and landed on this model 32s3a32g. It was hard to find any review about this tv online. What i saw was just a video review in an alien language. The video clearly showed the model was a smart tv. I ordered the tv online and got it as a delivery. The first day i assumed all thing was normal (i knew all smart tv from skyworth tend to be android).

The tv is nice, has both terrestrial, satellite and cable tv tuner so i was excited. Also the tv smoothly played all my HEVC video without lag. It even played some videos which could not be played on sony tv . It also has a dedicated YouTube button on the remote, the screen is quite good, but not crystal clear as the 43E390 i had, maybe its because its not a full hd tv (32’ have 720p). Generally the tv has a nice UI just like the flagship skyworth tvs.

One thing i noted is that i didn’t see any file manager and wasn’t able to see any android system specs on settings. So few days ago i tried playing some video files i downloaded earlier, to my surprise the audio codec wasn’t supported. I knew it was a small thing so i loaded my usb with mx player apk file but when i tried to access the file from the skyworth 32s3a32g i wasn’t able to. There was no access to file manager, the only access you can get to view your usb was media files only, that is images, video and audio.

I just laughed after this new revelation. Turned out the crap tv has Opera TV os, currently known as Vewd TV. A pure crap, a junk tv.

The UI is good but it has shitty contents. They have movie catalogues but they are from a different realm, movies and series ive never heard of. I’ve tried some tweaking and the only useful app i managed to find was Plex which is also a nightmare to make it work.

Another disappointed is that the opera tv browser doesn’t give you chances to watch movies directly from the browser, the pop up ads kept on blocking access to reach any video to play, the only one i tried and successfully acces was xxx website tomorrow movies :slight_smile:

A solid device
has Dolby and dts digital sorround
dvb S2/T2/C
Eco friendly
HEVC playing capability

Dumb vewd OS, non android
Screen not as expected.
Browser is a dummy
Has over 1000 apps which 99.9% are irrelevant
Doesn’t support quite a number of video and audio codec.

So question is why do these traders have to import a tv that is not worth it?? We need better versions of these tvs in our marker. Currently skyworth has opened shop on US soils, meaning they have serious devices but this model of 32S3a32g is just a turn off. People should avoid this tv.

Bydaway nice website template, but im unable to login using the new versions of Opera mini.

That is what you get for 23k

You want champagne on a beer budget!!

i got a 40inch skyworth TV and regretted immediately i turned it on!! skyworth is craaap!!!

Na ndio kuna msee hapa ako na hyo skyworth smart na venye huwa ananiringia but nmenyamaza tu na Sony yangu bila kusumbua juu najua kwa quality my Sony beats his hands down…anyway ile skyworth ingine yenye sio smart iko poa kabisaa

Mimi yangu niliuza 7k nikabuy lg iko na power saver inarun hadi na 8 volt skyworth is a disappointment

Venye @junkie meffi amesema

Niaje peasant. Kujua chips hapa kiambu road

I have an issue with this specific model. If i could swap with the latest skyworth android version of it i would do it asap. Otherwise this model is down.

Money ain’t the problem. The problem is getting a good 32’ Android tv on the market. Currently sijaona model poa ya Android tv apart from skyworth on our shops


Why dont you just buy a good tv and an android box. Or go for the Sony android version Kama pesa sio shida…

Hehehe… Pelekea Georgina matina ndio ucreampie yeye Kwa oesophagus…

Changamka kijana ama niite @uwesmake akuje kumaliza hizi chips

Mimi ni mzee bwana, labda mutura, thufu, matharigo na karikari ya 60 bob

Ebu elezea in detail


Android box is adding unnecessary accessories on my place. Sony Android tv lags alot from reviews i have checked.

40’ is led model, not smart tv

Sawa @syndicate is just a call away, ntaendea 55" 4k 3D Hisense TV. Na sitasumbua

Kuna Skyworth E3200A tv, wase si muende hii screen, kama ni applications zote za android nainstall bila wasiwasi, kucast simu au lappy ata haitaji extra applications, just the inbuilt and you good to go, na muache ufala ya kupurchase stuff bila kuuliza.