Sky is the Limit, UDA ya paa juu.


Watu wa Seattle , ground iko vipi.


People should just grow up

Izi vitu zilikua exposed as fake. Ata ule prophet slay queen ilisemekana alilipana photoshoppers ndo awekwe kwa world’s most expensive billboard.

Tutasema na turudie tena RWNEEBP. Hatutaki kuongozwa na mwisi

Current kiongozi n family ni mwizi no.1 in kenya


But does that justify another mistake of electing another outright thief?

So they will solicit for funds

We were never made aware of this before we voted thrice, now we know. ION RutoWNBP


Kangata alikuja federal way but few people showed up watu walipiga double shift zao kama kawa baadae akaenda kuskiza reggae rafikiz and we the drunkards took selfies with him

Waruimbo ako aje? Been trying to ask that fool @Kahuni Maisha and he’s not responding. Last I heard alienda surgery .

So you want us to vote for Mwizi no.2 now, right? You are so intelligent! Lamebrain.

Never heard of him. Mimi niko south

Tacoma area?

:D:Dthese bonobos see this as an achievement?

Ruto hajakubali kuitanishwa na UDA.

This is the same guy who said in 6 months time 9 stadia will be built now very few were actually buillt.Come 2023 you will be crying as he introduces punitive taxes to recover what he stole

Well you elected the current one three times while you knew he was a thief, kieleweke goons pretending to be saints now that our next president isn’t a kikuyu

Never heard of him niko Tacoma