Skm presser

Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka;

“I am ready to work with Raila Odinga as long as he ENDORSES me as President as per our 2017 agreement…”

Not a watermelon no more. RAT the political conman has has been checkmate.

Sasa mnaona Raila akiondokea aachie Kalonzo?:rolleyes:

Yes, he can step down for skm coz he is a states man and a gentleman:D:D:D:D;);):wink:

Nah, its game over chaps. SAA hii the only contest now is leader of opposition.


RAT has no votes in central, has lost western, now lost eastern. He has only nyanza but huko pia tunakujia kura. Coast is all but gone. RV and pastoral communities counties was never in doubt. There was a reason they were begging Kalonzo to join.

ASS mio sasa ni odm, dead jubilee lead by jayden drunk friends, pnu of nyandarua gov and Ubuntu of naks gov. Mbus of Kiraitu branded to UDA colours and decided to be independent. JB is bitter and confused in his own. Illusion wondering why jayden lied to him. Lastly cck and moses kuria is the most confused politician currently. Jumping from one tree to another in a week.

As for Kalonzo he will ran under a new coalition not oka. Kalonzo, wanjigi & Martha. There hope is to secure leader of opposition and position themselves for 2027 elections. Kalonzo decision today was personal and very deep. He got tired of being insulted, used, dumped, lied to and being thrown away. This time even money is not enough. He want to carry his own standing and votes. All wiper leaders key demands met. He is comfortable with this, it up to the rest to plan accordingly.