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[SIZE=7]Samsung MicroLED TV inches closer to reality with ‘smaller’ 110-inch size[/SIZE]

The massive 4K TV goes on presale today in Korea for the equivalent of $156,000.

Samsung’s MicroLED televisions like The Wall are always some of the biggest products at the annual CES each January – literally.
Last year’s version was a 292-inch monster composed of individual modules that required custom installation and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Launching today in Korea is the latest version, a MicroLED TV in a fixed size of 110 inches.
It’s the next step in the progress of MicroLED from custom-built tech show darling to something that could eventually find a place in the homes of everyday people.


Judging from the price that might take a while, however. The 110-inch MicroLED will cost 170 million won, or around $156,000, in Korea, according to ZDNet.
Samsung says the TV will arrive in other markets in 2021, but pricing was not announced. For comparison’s sake, Samsung’s puny 98-inch 8K TV costs $60,000, but it uses standard LCD-based QLED display technology, not MicroLED.

MicroLED – not to be confused with Mini-LED – is the first new screen technology in a decade and is more akin to OLED than LCD. It delivers perfect black levels and high brightness because it uses millions of tiny LEDs to create the image directly, for picture quality that’s potentially better than OLED, the best currently available, without the possibility of burn-in.

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:D:D:D:D 1.56M hio itakua 4years and 4 months for 30k salo without spending a single cent. Majority huku earn that

Correction. 15.6 Million

So 40 yrs work with a 30k salo bila kuspend? Iyo tv ni ya dollar millionaires

Correction… 15,600,000 ksh
@uwesmake na group yake watafanya kwa Mhindi for [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]43 years and 4 months…
Mhindi ata retire na future great grand children wazaliwe na @uwesmake ako tuu kwa mlango yao kama watchman akilipa deni

Well, those my age who drank at Cactus bar, at the Green Corner restaurant around 2000, will remember the monster (at the time) Sony 42 inch flat screen tv that they used to air football with.
That telly cost 15,000 Usd (around 2.2 m now) at its launch in the late 90’s. Well not many Kenyans got to own it, I saw it later at Oliech’s when he joined Al Arabia around 2003. And it cost him a pretty penny. Guess what, it came and went and you can buy it now for less than 200Usd as an antique.
Well this MICRO-LED as well, will get to mwananchi sooner than we think.
This TV below was beyond anyone’s dreams.

I believe by 2030 we will be dealing with dirt cheap paper thin screens that you can spread out like a wall paper in your living room. Trying to keep up with tech gizmos is a fool’s errand. Nothing ages badly like tech gadgets.

Oliech saa hii najua anaonaga QLED 55 inch TV going for $500 anaskia kujinyonga.

Just imagine he had invested in some piece of land in kitengela, juja or kahawa instead?

Wewe uliskia wapi???

He did well for himself, am 100% sure. Anakula mali yake pole pole, bila kelele. The whole world doesn’t have to know. Ignore the gossip about him being broke. He’s set for life.
When he was younger he was more of a showoff but now he’s chilled out.

Boss, Oliech angekuwa level ya Michael Essien, Kalou na Drogba saa hii kama si udwanzi, kupenda wanawake, drugs na pombe. HE blew an opportunity that many only dream about. Lad was super talented lakini good career management ndio alikosa.

A 50 by 100 in kahawa in 2002 was less than 200k cash.

Hakuna kitu kama kula mali yake polepole or being set for life. His footbaling career is over, that’s it. Oliech’s family is also kinda jinxed. His mum battled cancer for close to a decade in and out of Paris before passing on. His brother pia akafuata the same path and died later this year in Germany. If you know anything about managing and treating serious chronic illnesses in europe then u know that it does not come cheap. Whoever cursed the young lad clearly did their homework.

So mnajaribu kusema nibuy kaplot mahali kuliko niwe na screenbya 150k kwa hao

TCL will start using this tech thereby making teefees cheaper

Enjoy life bro. Buy what makes you happy today, for tomorrow is not promised.


You believe in land investments?? Sijui mbona I thought you are in the WhatsApp group of saying land is useless.

That was just an arbitrary example

That’s the problem with the youth. They spend money on thongs that don’t add value. Ni nini tv ya 32 or 43 inch haitaona that you’ll see in such a tv. When you have kids hata hiyo tv hautawai ona. Coz u won’t be competing kuchange channels na watoto. Just get a decent normal tv and invest in things that will help ur family in future. Income generating activities that will help cushion u in future incase of anything with things like school fees.

Wewe wacha makelele. Ndio hii December imefika.

December 11 to be exact. Two weeks from now najua utaanza kulia sijui hauna 20k. Sijui moso bamboo seeds, shoots and saprings have not sold due to covid.

Sijui Rumuruti the weather was not conducive for financial achievement.

Sijui dynasty have destroyed your factors of production.

@yunomi bana wacha kuniangusha.