Skewed Nairobi county development - Chalbi drive Lavington gets resurfaced again

If i was to start a thread on the many Nairobi roads needing urgent reply, it would break all post records in Ktalk. From Muthurwa, Dago Market, Korogocho, Dandora etc. Instead Chalbi drive Lavington that our dear Governor resides get another fresh layer of tarmac. Maendeleo bure bure kabisa.

[B]Dr. Evans Kidero[/B] ‏@KideroEvans Jun 10
Ongoing road works @Chalbi drive.This is part of the 40 projects road repairs program by @county_nairobi @jmueke

Dago market si iko kiambu cownty

No, Nairobi even NCC collects their rates there not KC.

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I see how petty businesspeople in places like Umoja direct water from their car-washes onto the Roads with utter indifference or dump refuse in the same trenches that carry water from the Roads when it rains then complain loudest when the Roads are ruined.

Why spend money on people who have no sense?


I blame Nairobians, hooligans and mungiks for not demonstrating for such “wasteful” development. That’s a nice road(maybe class E) without even a single pothole being renovated with class A design.

Alihama lini muthaiga?

Its not his only residence, there are the official and unofficial ones. The give away are the council askaris manning the house.

when will he sort brookside drive?

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kumbe hata wewe huwa unaona hivo,brainless peasants

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Hii nairobi tulicheswo kabisa na kidero.Ile machungu niko nayo na huyu gov afadhali tu ninyamaze.


I love this road every time i drive on it i feel in touch with nature.

Hii Nairobi in wenyewe, play your position and shut up.

NCC ni gani? Nairobi City County? Nairobi City Council?

Nairobi City County, i hope you aren’t just playing me.

Its Nairobi County Government. Aii @spear uko statehouse na devolution haijakuingia

Haya leta hiyo appointment letter ya state house kwanza. Kuna mtu nitadai leo end month. Ok that i didn’t know but thanks now i do. There is no monopoly in knowledge.

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The abattoir in Dago ni mali ya Kidero, he ought to maintain it along with roads there!

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muthurwa wapi?