SK macharia

Did you guys know that Sugoi talks to Gathecha almost on a daily? i thought you should know!

Even more proof that the deep state will not fully guaranteed presidency to Raila. Ni kujipanga my fren. Ruto amejipanga.

They cannot afford to support one side. Billionaires hujipanga

What are you on about. As much as Munga provided most of the capital for starting equity, James Mwangi is now a much bigger shareholder with his stake in equity being almost 4 times the stake held by Munga

Equity is definitely not the largest bank in Africa

However it is the largest bank by assets in East and Central Africa. Largest than KCB using this metric.


Hata 2007,2013,2017,2022,2027,2032…sk macharia will be funding Tinga. Lakini matokeo check below


Sugoi is coming to drain the swamp literally.

If i was a billionaire i would be behind the senile old man-tinga. He’s easy to control unlike the testerone filled, high libido,non drinker,non smoker,sly,witty,cunning Ruto.

Uko sure?