SK macharia

He has invested alot of resources campaigning for jakom this time round. It’s a Mandela moment for baba.

Rumors has it that mwangi wa equity and wanjigi are funding ruto.

This time deep state imegawanyika katikati.


Mwangi wa Equity is trying to fuck himself right in his ass. Once Ruto fucks up the economy he’ll no longer have clients in his bank

Mwangi wa Equity is just an employee. The REAL OWNER of Equity Is Mr Peter Munga na ako side ya Uhuru - Raila


game bado changa

Munga ndio alisema alianzisha equite bank na capital ya ngiri tano!

:D:D:D:D:D…UDA ndio kusema,the dynasties can make a pre election deal with sugoi man and live or support Tinga and be crushed by December 2022

Ngoja ,Equity ni the largest bank holding company in Africa?
I thought it was just the largest in the EAC?

I underestimated Kikuyu business prowess.

The deep state wants to spread out their fortunes. The erection is tricky and anyone can win. It will be very precarious for all the Mt Kenya elite to support one guy and then he loses. The winner might contemplate to finish them.

Us gikuyus are colonizing Africa one step at a time

We!! Strategize on how to spread ur keg base mhesh

Which keg base?

This is wikipedia…you can edit if you want

with facts

Quite ruthless in matters business… Ana lipisha watoi wake rent for living in his house / compound…

The reason Uhuru prefers Raila over Ruto is because he knows the old man is weak and will be easier to control

huyo mshairi ana vina kibao!!

Msafara wa baba unatangazwa one week prior

KCB which ranks number 40-50ish in Africa is bigger than Equity

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