SK Macharia hates that jaluo widow so much. Trying to take over Directline insurance by force

Otherwise, how does such a profitable company shut down just like that?

Kijana yake aliwachia mtoto wake who is SK’s grandchild. Sasa guka anapiga mtoto vita mbaya sana hataki mbuta inuke kwa ofisi ya CEO. Ni kubaya


Sk and his overheating kipash thinks he will live forever.

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Why would a grandfather go after his own blood grandchild’s property? Also I read somewhere that IRA blocked their accounts

Kwani his deceased son married a luo woman?

these jaluos!!

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Yes so the guka knows although on paper it is the grand child who owns it, the Jaruo woman will be calling the shots since the kid is quite young.

Hiyo jaruo iachilie mali roho safi

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Hatambui jaruo kama grandson. Even if it’s not true and directlinr is still operationsl, the media fracus will see customers flee. Itabaki tu jina. He’s engineering its downfall

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