SK Macharia & Grandson Tussle Over Ksh 1.2 Billion Inheritace Left Behind By The Late John Macharia

Billionare Media boss S.K Macharia is in court seeking orders to become his grandson’s guardian, to take over the management of the seventeen-year old’s multi-million inheritance.

At stake is a Sh389 million life insurance, a pension payout whose beneficiary is the grandson, Adam Kamau Macharia as per the deceased father’s wish, and a multi-million estate left behind by S.K’s late son John Gichia Macharia who according to court documents had no relationship with the tycoon at the time of his death.

SK, who owns Royal Media Services (RMS), in the originating summons, asks the court to appoint him as guardian to Adam Kamau Gichia jointly with his mother Lisa Anyango Amenya, and appoint him solely as the guardian of the estate of his grandson.

Under Section 38 of the Law of Succession Act, the said Adam Kamau Gichia is the heir of his late father’s property which include 600,000 shares in AKM Investments Ltd that owns Kyuna estate L.R No. 209/7799, Mugumo Estate L.R. No. 7752/258, Kibarage estate L.R No 7752/258, 3.7 million shares in DirectLine Assurance Limited, 500 shares in Serenity Media Productions, 350 shares in Big Five Conservancy Limited, 500 shares in Bushfire Media Distributors, as well as shares in Big Five Lotto, Toi Development Limited and Harbour Capital Limited.

The child in this suit is 17 years old and therefore in need for a guardian to promote his welfare. The parents of the said Adam Kamau Gichia are the late John Gichia Macharia and Lisa Anyango Amenya; they were not married. The said minor’s father was a member of a group insurance policy taken with Jubilee Assurance Company and was a member of a pension fund. In both, he had named the said minor as the sole beneficiary. Following his death, the minor has become the owner of Sh314,992,768 under the group policy and Sh67,000,000 under the pension scheme. There is therefore a need for a guardian to receive the money and manage it for the benefit of the said minor,” the tycoon say in the suit.

The billionaire businessman says that as the grandfather of the minor, he is well placed to serve as the guardian of both the minor as a person jointly with the mother and also serve as a guardian to the minor’s estate.

How old is SK Macharia?
Guardian should be someone younger than that mzee,but hakuna tussle like your title seem to say

There is a major tussle.

Kama hakuna kwanini wamepelekana kortini?

SK anajua singo matha ataharibu mali

Hii ndio inaitwaga set for life na hajafika 18 .

This is the bone of contention and ze elephant in the room.
Deep down, SKM is a tribalist and due to the fact that they were not married, the bastard will most likely be disinherited.
Most likely SKM helped his late son build Directline insurance through loans and grants since he never expected him to die so soon.
This is gonna be epic especially since the battle is being fought by the mothers behind the scenes.

Hataki mali iende na njaruos. :smiley:

Well these things do happen.

This is gonna be interesting. Wonder what happened Ida and Fidel’s wife!

Leso kidogo

"The sudden demise of S.K. Macharia’s first born son, John Macharia, has been highly eulogized by many Kenyans and celebrities.As messages of condolences continue to pour in, more details about the young Macharia continue to emerge.

The late has left behind a son he sired with former Kiss 100 presenter Lisa Anyango Amenya.

Lisa Amenya is one of the most sought after event planners across East Africa.

Lisa began her career in event planning more than five years ago as the Brand & Sales Manager, East Africa for MTV Networks Africa. Her clients recognized her creativity and at their urging, she unofficially began party and event planning for family and friends in 2008.
She also worked at Nation media group.

Lisa and John Macharia parted ways more than a decade ago.

Well, here are photos of John Macharia’s baby mama; Anyango Amenya Anyango Amenya photos Macharias Baby Mama Macharia and his Son

Njaruo itanyonya mali yote

Wadau si mnaona wazito wanainvest kwa shares sisi tukifikiria biashara yap mpesa na wines and spirits.
Anyway SK macharia anajua if Lisa ataachiwa hiyo Mali ninja mwengine ndio atafaidika na hustle ya mtoi wake

SK Macharia is a rich dude. Kenya Power wakitaka kizima stima around his neighborhood they have to include his name kwa ile advert ya Gazeti.

"Areas sourrounding SK Macharia’s residence bla bla bla…

SK Macharia would have 50 times richer had Moi not tried to destroy him since the 1980s. He is an extremely visionary businessman.


What’s the point of filing such a lawsuit claiming the respondent is a minor at 17, yet by the time the case makes its first hearing, he will be well over 18 (legally an adult).

To stop the woman from siphoning the cash.

They paid her off and she went bila kusumbua.

I recall reading that Ida was against the settlement?

According to Kenyan law the minor should benefit, if he was over 18 at the time of his father’s death that would be a different matter.

The ex-wife though is not entitled to a single cent unless of course S.K. Macharia gives something out of sympathy.

at some point its not even about the money its just hatred and some deeply ingrained selfish nature - I mean does the kid even need a guardian, if the mother is alive, and he is just about to turn 18. Just to go back to the quotes from sisi wasoti, all that money and you will dies and leave everything behind.

Ata Githu wakitaka kuzima stima lazima wanitaje…“Areas being surrounded by Gamblah’s residence blah blah…”

Choosing between your Multi-Billionare grandfather and working class mum to manage your inheritance should not be so hard. I think SK Macharia has good intentions and probably helped his son build the estate and will give valuable insight in growing that inheritance and considering the mother is a co-custodian should not be a problem. I would not let such valuable input go to waste, the mindset of a successful entrepreneur and successful working class person are totally different. The woman probably has some other motive to benefit from the estate