sj thots

noticed that majority of this whores who were operating that this famous are either hawking from the streets or doing housecalls

For example?

i cant say they names out loud

Why? Aren’t they whores? Isn’t that what they’d like? Some marketing.

That therefore implies they know the dynamics of a volatile market and are simply adapting to change

Wtf mtu anajihawk kwa streets but saying their names is where you draw the line…shenzi

hehe Got sand in ur vagina

:D:D:D:D LOL mtu anadinywa na 1,000,000 customers for a living ndo mahali inasema huezi sema jina. She has already lost her dignity.

:D:DUko na akili kweli??

You wish. A-hole.

KCSE ni kama ishaisha

Kwani wamekua he-who-must-not-be-named?