SJ Morning

After disappointment Jana, I decided to visit SJ this morning around 1030hrs. The club was clean no foul smell like yesterday and also water was running in the restrooms. The place was not bpacked like yesterday only a few gents sipping beer and smoking. Lanye walikuwa wengi Sana sorted all-over the establishment and all look mature mean age approximately 40yrs, some thick some petite big asses flat asses. Ordered my Guinness , sipping and washing my eyes to the fullest. 1100hrs spotted a big ass curvy lanye and we negotiated , from her accent I could tell shey a kamba and she goes by the name “mwende” which I think is her monicker . Service was tremendous hakuna kuharakishwa. Damages 500/ lanye 300/ room. Morning lanyes are 99.9% Bibi za watu.


Uzuri ya morning lanyes wana guilt kidogo ju ni bibi za watu. Very calm demeanour


I chanced to get in masaa ya Monday morning, muthoni alinipea bila haraka. a yellow yellow milf

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Cleanest lanye ni hao…but wazee…I can’t. Must be under 25


Wacha nirudi Nairobi, nitakula hiyo milaya to my satisfaction banae.
Hizi risto zenu zinanipea saik sana


Napenda hiyo morning calmness but siwezi enda that time cause I prefer those college lanyes