Size Matters


What’s ur’s @girlciki93 ??

Yes a small and tight vagina is better than a big loose one.

Kwa mama ya @PHARMACY ,cone ya traffic na toothpick ni the same, nerves huko chini zote zimekufa

On that …
We are all fully agreed …:D:D:D

Size does indeed matter … :D:D

Did you encounter a small one yester night and got disappointed

Tiny shoes are quite uncomfortable

tumezoea kutomba malaya mama ya mkamba mjinga maskini @PHARMACY mlolongo for 49 bob ndio @PHARMACY akazaliwa

Mtu hujua ameingia dam ukiskia nikama unakoroga sufuria kubwa na kijiko ya chai

@Some Say this thread is nonsense and I agree with them

Size ya kutomba mama pima mchafu Malaya mama @uwesmake ni tofauti na ya mama mkaa nyumbani mama @chap

Are you tight?

stick to prostitutes you rent-paying ghaseer. I think we both know you lack the charm to seduce non-prostitutes.

:D:D hekaya pris

Macromastia is nothing to write home about.

[SIZE=5]Is that a polite way of telling us your little “Spoon” is overwhelmed by the task … ??? [/SIZE]:D:D

condom or raw pussy size matters,the size comes with the sweetness from heven
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Come baby, you can taste every place you want :slight_smile:

[SIZE=5]A lot of very sick puppies in here …:rolleyes:o_O [/SIZE]

Tuseme ukweli kuna madem hujui ni dam ama pit latrine wako bottomless pits shida si Daddy Long Strokes