Size 8 allegedly not getting it.

Why do villagers get bored in marriage?

You can not eat githeri every day and always be super excited about it everyday!!

Why marry?

Is marriage supposed to be a free,five star restaurant cuisine

Marriage is where sex goes to die

The switch from validational to transactional is split second:D

Sex in marriage is more of a duty.

More like a switch from transactional sex to none at all. Most dudes never experience the true validational sex even in relationships

Fornication, usherati is very sweet na inasisimua but conjugal rights or tendo la ndoa ir boring and it’s just you fulfilling your duties
I don’t remember where but there husband and wife sleep in different beds in the same room but the bring the beds together when one of them wants sex, even in kikuyu the man had his mancave and the wife/wives would come for strokes when needed.

Recreation after that ukulange inje…

Blame it on following the western culture

People are used to variety, exchanging patners. And it’s the man who suffers at the end of the day. Women partied during their teens, many dating older men in shorter stints each who would spoil them. Marriage, a place with responsibilities can’t match even a quarter of what these women went through during their youth years

As a man you pay brideprice for a woman with a high mileage, she only marries you because of a stable income and later on you’ll discover she is being chewed by other men. You’ll be very lucky if all the children are yours

Swali bado moja so tufanyeko nini sisi wanaume jameni

Haswa single

Wise men take great care on who to marry. You are allowed to make any mistake but not of marrying the wrong woman.

The problem is you never know the history of the girl you’re marrying. Unaona dem ni mrembo ako humble kumbe hujui ni kunguru ako in the mission of kutafuta a good man who’ll provide for her before she continues with her sex escapades.

There are many who now make a living teaching couples how to spice it up.

Case in point…

Wenye wanataka summary: Alpha fucks, beta bucks.

Why does @digi never get bored posting upusss?

Men were never meant to be monogamous. It’s a new invention. Romans would have one wife and multiple concubines, Africans, indians and arabs were polygamous.

That’s why our traditional societies allowed for polygamy.

Kuwa mpole kwa kijana yetu.